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welter in something

1. to roll about or wallow in something; to be immersed in or surrounded by something. Most breeds of pigs will welter happily in mud. I hate having to welter in the heat.
2. [for someone or something] to drip or run with liquid, such as blood, sweat, water, etc. Three minutes into the jungle, we were weltering in our own sweat. The wounded man weltered in his blood.
3. Fig. to be immersed in something such as activity, work, demands, etc. (Fig. on {2}.) Toward the peak of the season, we welter in orders for our goods. She was weltering in work, eager to take a break.
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In January, Welter visited Quincaillerie Aixoise, the largest independent home improvement retailer in Southern France.
Welter currently operates 37 vehicles providing contracted local bus services in an area close to the City of Koblenz in the Rhineland-Palatinate region.
Khan, who started at lightweight, will fight at welter before he is done and maybe beyond.
In light of the amount offered for the two Mark Welter prizes, the two WHA-Phi Alpha Theta Student Paper Prizes will be raised to $500 from the current $400 for next year's 2010-2011 competition.
Mister Welter seemed to cringe inwardly as he stopped.
NOMBRE Ricky Hatton "Pretty Boy" APODO "The Hitman" Welter CMB TITULO Jr.
11, within 24 hours of when the alleged attack occurred, and Wagner was relieved of duty while an investigation ensued, Welter said.
Conceived as a visitor-empowering gesture whose sprawling, multi-exhibit structure would drive a stake into the hegemonic heart of the "Grand Show," Bonami's "Dreams and Conflicts: The Dictatorship of the Viewer" was widely judged a well-intentioned disappointment, an experiment in radical decentralization that left many feeling rudderless amid its welter of fragmentary methodologies and dissonant voices.
RICKY HATTON admits it would be ``criminal'' to squander all he has worked towards as he closes in on Kostya Tszyu, the world's leading light- welter weight boxer.
ENI)--Many churches in Britain have shrinking congregations, bur an organization that helps church volunteers hold their own with a welter of financial and accountancy requirements is proving so popular members.
Pontypool welter Tony Doherty, cut in the opening session, nevertheless floored Midlands survivor David Kirk on the way to a clear points win, while Cwmbran super-feather Jamie Arthur, also needing stitches for a gash over one eye, took a six-round verdict over rough Frenchman Frederic Bonifai.
Parana State Assemblyman Elton Welter says he drafted the measure due to health and environmental concerns.
The writing is crisp, highly detailed but always readable, and the narrative never bogs down in a welter of names and units.
Then thunder Stephen Welter decided to get into wood-plastic composite decking.
The big three bookies in the UK suspended betting on the UEFA Cup Qualifying tie, when a welter of cash poured in on the Scots to win the match and be leading at half-time and full time.