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welsh on (someone or something)

1. To fail to pay a debt owed on a gamble or bet. It is not certain if this phrase directly relates to the term "Welsh," meaning of or from Wales, but it may be considered offensive by Welsh people nonetheless. You welshed on your bet last time, so there's no way we're inviting you to poker night again! He tried to welsh on the money he owed the casino, and they sent a couple of thugs to go rough him up.
2. To fail to do what one has promised, agreed upon, or committed to. John welshed on his promise to help me with the report. You're never going to make it in this industry if you just welsh on your obligations like that.
3. To fail to provide someone what they are owed or what has been promised, committed to, or agreed upon. If you think you can welsh on me and get away with it, you've got another think coming. The CEO welshed on his investors, fleeing the country with nearly $3.5 million dollars of their money.
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welsh on someone

to renege on a bet or an agreement made with someone. (Also spelled welch.) You had better not welsh on me if you know what is good for you. Max welshed on the mob boss and made a lot of trouble for himself.
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welsh on something (with someone)

to renege on a bet or agreement made with someone. (Also spelled welch.) Max welshed on his bet with Lefty. That was not a wise thing to do. It is not wise to welsh on a bet.
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Where there are two equally qualified candidates, the deciding factor in who gets the job will be which one has the better Welsh.
But Welsh has changed dramatically - in locations and frequency at which it is spoken; and in its idioms, syntax, and vocabulary.
With people like him and his daft notions, I can see Wales ending up like Ireland, with north against south and Welsh speakers against non-Welsh speakers.
It has administered the two devolved taxes appropriately to date and has taken steps to be able to respond to potential future developments - including working with the Welsh Treasury where appropriate.
In 2017/18, the first year of the Bilingual Cardiff strategy, there were 76.4% more staff with Welsh language skills at the authority as compared to the year before.
"We are finding more clients are searching for staff who can communicate effectively in both English and Welsh," said Sarah.
The greatest threat to the language now is the attitude of people like Trevor Roberts (letters, January 12), who consider those who choose to speak in Welsh in public as bigoted extremists.
WHETHER or not you can speak it, the Welsh language belongs to us all and we should all be proud of it.
In Wales many teachers, including Welsh-speakers, saw that clause as meaning that Welsh was banned in every school in Wales.
Albert Owen, who chairs the Welsh Grand Committee, has along with fellow MPs lobbied for the use of the Welsh language.
"I am delighted that the attitude towards the language has changed fundamentally from when I was a child." Her multi-million pound plan outlines how Welsh-medium and Welsh language education will develop over the next four years to 2021.
In this new undemocratic police state Welsh jobs would be for Welsh people, Welsh houses for Welsh families,Welsh water for Welsh taps and the Welsh language for Welsh mouths.
#MapioCymru, which has received funding from the Welsh Government, will eventually lead to a Welsh-language satnav, but creators say they need the help of the public.
The future of the Welsh language has been headline news recently following an item on the BBC's flagship current affairs programme Newsnight which asked if the Welsh language was a "help or hindrance to the nation".