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An algorithm for the surgical treatment of periprosthetic fractures of the femur around a well-fixed femoral component.
Some manufacturers have a platform stem, and therefore it is mandatory that the surgeon have that manufacturer's implants in the operating room so as to not cause unnecessary compromise of the patient's proximal humerus during removal of a well-fixed stem.
For handicappers who heed history like that, the most obvious alternatives are Street Sense, prepared by the old-school Carl Nafzger (winner with Unbridled in 1990); and Scat Daddy and Nobiz Like Shobiz, both well-fixed for 2- and 3-year-old seasoning.
Automobiles that catch my eye in traffic are not the local hobbyist's antique rumbling down Route 41, nor the well-fixed retiree's luxury sedan cruising leisurely to IHOP's breakfast during rush hour.
Since your median age is 55, perhaps you could draw inspiration from Princeton Project 55, instigated by Ralph Nader to revive civic concern among well-fixed alumni of a similar age.
The platform system enables surgeons to convert a well-fixed fracture stem to a reverse shoulder implant without the complexity and potential complications of removal of a well-fixed stem.