well up with

well up with (something)

1. verb To fill to the brim with some liquid. I could tell by the way her eyes welled up with tears that my comments had struck a nerve. The hole welled up with raw sewage from the pipe that the workers had struck.
2. verb To become full of or overwhelmed by some emotion. I could feel myself welling up with anger as the boss prattled on. Her heart welled up with sadness at the thought of children affected by the accident.
3. adjective Particularly knowledgeable about or familiar with something. My sister did her thesis on robotic surgery, so she is pretty well up with the topic. I'm not too well up with the policy changes happening this year—is there a reference guide I can consult?
See also: up, well

well up with something

to fill up or gush with something, such as water. Her eyes welled up with tears. The basement drain welled up with the floodwaters.
See also: up, well