well said

well said

I agree with what you said, which was well formulated or articulated. Well said, Sarah, we can't be complacent about these results—we have to keep striving to do better! A: "I just think there's too much negativity in online forums and communities, and it can really benefit one's mental health to take a break from it and focus on engaging with people in face-to-face environments." B: "Well said!"
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Well said.

Fig. You said that very well, and I agree. As Sally sat down, Mary complimented her, "Well said, Sally. You made your point very well." John: And I for one will never stand for this kind of encroachment on my rights again! Mary: Well said! Bob: Well said, John! Fred: Yes, well said.
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well ˈsaid!

(spoken) I agree completely: ‘We must stand up for ourselves.’ ‘Well said, John.’
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Well said: "All of our initiatives make Guroo a great place to work, which in turn ensures we offer an excellent service to our customers."