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Detergent there measured about 90 mg/1, well above the threshold for oil removal shown in the lab.
Examiners of Wells Fargo's other subsidiary banks observed that these banks were active in residential lending and, in general, that their residential lending was well distributed among borrowers and geographies of different income levels.
A well to test the Barnett potential is expected to spud in March.
PALMDALE - When 18-year Ocotillo School librarian Mary Wells got a layoff notice this spring, co-workers came up with a plan to make sure she would not be forgotten.
The two acquired wells are located on Wentworth Energy's 27,557-acre mineral block south of the Company's Red Lake Gas Unit #1-R well.
Peter Wells wouldn't let on that some day he wanted to be just like that windsurfer on the magazine cover.
Our first three wells gave us technical challenges even though we encountered multiple gas-charged sand packages.
The rest of the thousands of county waterworks customers in Lancaster and other parts of the Antelope Valley are connected to pipeline systems in which well water is blended with water received from other sources, including the Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency, which draws from the California Aqueduct.
Two of the wells are producers, two are dry holes, and one well is currently being tested and appears to be a marginal producer.
RAM has proposed its first well targeting the Barnett Shale to EOG Resources, the operator of the jointly held acreage.
Company Also Announces Termination of Debt Commitment Letter with City National Bank and Receipt of Payment Demand from Wells Fargo Bank
Individual investors continue to be interested in commercial real estate, for income and diversification," said Leo Wells, president of Wells Real Estate Funds.
We are blocking that lower portion of the wells,'' said Dean Efstathiou, county Department of Public Works assistant director.
Does he imagine Wells meant us to be awestruck with the Selenite utopia in the Moon so as to work for its immediate creation on Earth?
Wells to those already acquainted with her public persona.