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So ended their discourse, which, for any very appropriate service it could render Fanny, might as well have been spared, for Mrs.
Nobody that wishes me well, I am sure, would propose it.
He could not but wonder at her refusing to do anything for a niece whom she had been so forward to adopt; but, as she took early care to make him, as well as Lady Bertram, understand that whatever she possessed was designed for their family, he soon grew reconciled to a distinction which, at the same time that it was advantageous and complimentary to them, would enable him better to provide for Fanny himself.
Grant's being so well settled in life without being handsome, and expressed her astonishment on that point almost as often, though not so diffusely, as Mrs.
quoth Robin, starting; for he knew right well that it was the Queen sent the message, and that she spake of the King's wrath.
You might as well slander Fred: it comes pretty near to it when you refuse to say you didn't set a slander going.
Vincy, if you insist on quarrelling with me, it will be exceedingly painful to Harriet as well as myself," said Mr.
Well, I can; and I don't see why I should n't enjoy myself as well as Trix.
I'm glad you feel so, for you can do much good with your fortune if you know how to use it well.
It is a pleasure to hear you, for you read remarkably well," was the answer that filled her heart with pride and pleasure.
I see you are going to be a great comfort as well as a great credit to your old uncle, Rosy.
You think that justice may be of use in peace as well as in war?
We should rather say that he is a friend who is, as well as seems, good; and that he who seems only, and is not good, only seems to be and is not a friend; and of an enemy the same may be said.
Brother,' cried the hangman, as, following an officer, he traversed under these novel circumstances the remains of passages with which he was well acquainted, 'am I going to be along with anybody?
Even if we shouldn't, and the chances fail, we can but be worked off once: and when it's well done, it's so neat, so skilful, so captiwating, if that don't seem too strong a word, that you'd hardly believe it could be brought to sich perfection.