weld together

weld (someone and someone else) together

Fig. to bind people together. (Fig. on weld something and something else together.) Their experiences in the war welded Tom and Sam together for life. They were welded together by their common goals.
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weld (something and something else) together

to attach things to one another by welding. The worker welded the ends of the rods together. See if you can weld these plates together.
See also: together
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Newcastle could do worse than to appoint a member of the backroom staff for a probationary three-month run to allow the players to play in their proper positions and weld together a spirited 11.
I've started welding them up and mostly, so far, have been learning useful lessons about just how tricky it is to weld together different thicknesses of metal when they are also covered with equally different degrees of rust.
117) or heated nanocrystalline powders to weld together smaller structures.
The complaint alleges that the element Manganese is found in toxic levels in the fumes created when welding rods are used to weld together two pieces of metal.
Edward IV's real achievement was not to re-establish the Yorkist dynasty (it was replaced by 1585) but to be the first king to 'harness the combined influences of alchemical medicine, myths and prophecies to weld together a nation'.
Gate Crasher (based on a Black Bull comics superhero, "a normal teenager with a secret life") and Dot's Bots (a spunky 12-year-old and her younger brother weld together four eccentric robots in their grandfather's junkyard) are but two.
The frictional heat causes the two to weld together.
In some cases, unscrupulous dealers weld together two halves of a car, making the vehicle a death trap.
A sense of vigorous debate pervades the entire volume, and the extended discussion of similar issues does much to weld together what might otherwise have been merely a spicy potpourri of historical tidbits.
The cyclist sniffed the gas he used to weld together his famous bike made from washing machine parts.
Pulsar demonstrated welding of tubes of aluminum to steel -- two materials that were previously considered impossible to weld together.
As the laser strikes the powder particles, it raises their temperature momentarily to the point where they sinter and weld together without melting.
And adversity can weld together a squad in surprising ways.