weld together

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weld (someone and someone else) together

Fig. to bind people together. (Fig. on weld something and something else together.) Their experiences in the war welded Tom and Sam together for life. They were welded together by their common goals.
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weld (something and something else) together

to attach things to one another by welding. The worker welded the ends of the rods together. See if you can weld these plates together.
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To accomplish weld monitoring in multiple regions surrounding the process, the system fires a low-power measurement beam through the same optics that deliver the welding laser.
In addition, the comments on formation of heat affected zone and weld pool as a result of welding parameters also have been discussed in the paper.
Therefore, it is possible to make fair comparison of weld quality, efficiency and price.
Its ease of use and the professional look of the resulting weld make this an attractive welding type for home, farm and professional users alike.
The 22nd parameter combination i.e., welding pressure 7 bar, amplitude 60 [micro]m and weld time 2.8 s shows the maximum weld strength of 61.3 MPa.
Figure 2(a) shows a schematic of a two-dimensional finite element model of a lap-shear specimen with realistic weld geometry.
The left/right stresses around the weld center were shown separately in order to examine the difference by the welding sequence.
The dispersion state of carbon nanotubes in polymer matrix and weld region were investigated using a Nikon ECLIPSE LVIOOPOL optical microscope (Tokyo, Japan) operated in transmission mode.
Weld Wizard can be downloaded, free of charge, for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.
Besides the above, we defined the laser output power as P, welding speed as V, side-blow shielding gas flow rate as [U.sub.f], defocus amount as [DELTA]Z, the cap width as [W.sub.u], the root width as [W.sub.b], and the weld penetration as [H.sub.p], respectively.
Realityworks' teach WELD' Welding Simulator is one resource that has helped welding programs bring interest to welding careers.
Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX) showed that manganese and silicon (Mn, Si) diffused from base metal to heat-affected zone (HAZ) and weld. Their concentrations increase in weld and HAZ as the number of repairs increased.
Analysis of welded products in industry shows an important share of welding thin sheet metal.
Ever-increasing weld quality and productivity requirements of the final welds from the pipeline, orbital welding is the first choice for the joining of pipes.