weld together

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weld (someone and someone else) together

Fig. to bind people together. (Fig. on weld something and something else together.) Their experiences in the war welded Tom and Sam together for life. They were welded together by their common goals.
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weld (something and something else) together

to attach things to one another by welding. The worker welded the ends of the rods together. See if you can weld these plates together.
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The FSW weld is made by plunging a non-consumable, rotating tool into the base material which subsequently traverses a joint seam.
2), that has been associated with the onset of viscous shear (7) (indicating the formation of a melt-film at the weld interface).
The authors classify a typical hybrid weld in two parts: the wide upper zone and the narrow nether zone, which are defined as arc zone and laser zone, respectively.
This is the most important parameter in the spot weld quality assessment.
The rotor and electrode are housed in the weld head, which rotates around the tube.
Listed are the measured weld strengths, elongations, bead sizes, and final lengths of the welded sections for the parameters tested.
preheating weld areas (to slow weld cooling) and tempering completed welds.
Investigates processing and quality issues in tailor welded blank manufacturing including weld integrity and deformation
In submerged arc welding, the arc is covered by a flux, which prevents the weld pool from atmospheric contamination.
The primary effects that were studied included: (1) weld strength, (2) impact strength (toughness), (3) amount of weld flash, (4) cycle time, (5) residual stress level, (6) welding of unsupported walls, (7) weld consistency when vibration motion is parallel and perpendicular to the walls, (8) minimum amplitude required to generate heating and (9) power dissipation.
Linear friction welding is effective on parts with complex geometry and resins that are difficult to weld with ultrasonics.
But he notes that now Dana has the knowledge base--and ability--to cost-effectively laser weld aluminum.
Consistent weld quality through verifiable repeatability;
A new paper from NIST suggests that more attention must be paid to weld repairs in order to avoid failures due to problems such as stress-corrosion cracking.