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These celebrations are part of a powerful and growing movement in our country and around the world," said David Lubell, Founder and Executive Director of Welcoming America.
Rich quickly felt like he belonged in this welcoming environment, and was excited to be a part of the ICU team where he would be challenged and encouraged to continuously grow and improve.
Our firm belief is that if you leave welcoming and hospitality in the hands of a small committee, the ultimate impact will be limited.
Even so, BC's new welcoming statement is an important move, and one that follows administrators' OK last year to allow Allies, a GLBT supportive student group, to meet on campus.
Instead, Miller suggests that welcoming the Other (or the student text) into our lives allows us to become fully human; welcoming the Other is an opportunity for us to relinquish our "will-to-control.
However, this opening to the needs of others implies a truly warm welcoming which is only possible in a personal commitment of poverty in spirit.
On the last night, the parish church is usually the welcoming innkeeper, and Mass is celebrated there.
In the Hebrew Scripture hospitality is underscored with classic stories, such as the welcoming of the three strangers by Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18), and with God's command to Israel to welcome the stranger and sojourner because the Israelites themselves were in those categories during their slavery in Egypt (e.
We were told by Atlantis that unlike the Cayman Islands, the Belizean government was making a point of welcoming us, "Linton recalls.
The CCT has worked to maintain an open and welcoming community where people can practice their faith the way they want and maybe even make some friends along the way.
So I was not surprised by the welcoming spirit and conviviality or the gusto of the opening hymn.