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Then in the name of Lodge 341, Vermissa, I welcome you to its privileges and debates.
She is welcome," returned the chief of the latter nation, still more emphatically.
The stranger is always welcome to the children of the Lenape.
Well; it is but for one night; he shall be welcome too.
The light and warmth and the Count's courteous welcome seemed to have dissipated all my doubts and fears.
All was bright and beautiful; but kind little Bud would not linger, for the forms of the weeping Fairies were before her; and though the blossoms nodded gayly on their stems to welcome her, and the soft winds kissed her cheek, she would not stay, but on to the Flower Palace she went, into a pleasant hall whose walls were formed of crimson roses, amid whose leaves sat little Elves, making sweet music on their harps.
For now you shall have grief infinite by reason of the death of that son whom you can never welcome home--nay, I will not live nor go about among mankind unless Hector fall by my spear, and thus pay me for having slain Patroclus son of Menoetius.
Miss Lavish has been bicycling in your parts, but was not sure whether a call would be welcome.
But she has ordered me to make you welcome and to show you to your apartments.
Well, you and your wife and your little chit of a daughter are welcome to him so far as we are concerned, aren't they, Flossie?
They reached the grand tin entrance to the tin castle, and the Tin Woodman himself came running out of the door to embrace little Dorothy and give her a glad welcome.
Then they had to make way for Ozma to welcome the tin man, and the army caught sight of him and set up a cheer, and everybody was delighted and happy.
But all here were free from such impertinence, not only those whose company is in all other places esteemed a favour from their equality of fortune, but even those whose indigent circumstances make such an eleemosynary abode convenient to them, and who are therefore less welcome to a great man's table because they stand in need of it.
It will give me the utmost pleasure to welcome you there," he went on earnestly, "and as for this little place, of what use is it to you?
What would be your surprise, my son, when you expected a happy and glad welcome, to behold, on the contrary, tears and wretchedness?