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If the case proceeds to trial, the plain tiff may try moving in limine to exclude any evidence concerning welcomeness.
Note that while defense attorneys cannot use the welcomeness defense as a matter of law, they might be able to cross-examine plaintiff at trial to reduce plaintiff's damages.
The employer must develop a climate of welcomeness that involves on-site services and accommodations for disabled workers.
By Invitation Only: The Proof of Welcomeness in Sexual Harassment Cases.
The second construction centers on the notion that, situational power being unequal,(16) men must prove their acts foster equality and therefore are welcome (on welcomeness, see Juliano; Bull; Klare).
Thus, the welcomeness to women of sexual advances in the workplace constitutes a play on women's own welcomeness in the marketplace.
One useful way to unpack constructions of welcomeness is to ask the question "How do men feel women should be treated in the workplace?
For example, the new, improved standard whereby "welcomeness" (rather than "voluntariness" or "consent") and a reasonable "woman's" (rather than a "man's" or a "person's") perspective are engaged to determine the welcomeness of sexual advances in the workplace.