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The ST is a capable sports estate but less of a load lugger than the Citroen C5 or Mondeo equivalent, welcomely compact while still doing the job, reminding us of just how bloated modern family estates have grown.
Rainer Ganahl's welcomely unpredictable presence through out the conference was mirrored perfectly by a video he showed, documenting his wobbling attempt to cycle, without holding on to the handlebars, against the flow of oncoming traffic in a busy Manhattan street.
This welcomely identifies Lost Causes in the context of the continuing reappraisal of "the Victorians" in their many colors.
There's much else to study in the welcomely cool night air of summer.
4) Wayne C Booth, in a welcomely direct discussion, clarifies, particularly in the light of Martha Nussbaum's constructive criticism, his view that ethical awareness is at the heart of literature, hence of good criticism.
Welcomely, David Leeming seems acutely sensitive to that condition.
With Beethoven: Studies in the Creative Process, eight of these essays, along with three new offerings, have been most welcomely hunted down and gathered into a single volume.