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Howard is welcomely tall, lithe, and handsome, but his pleasant voice was sometimes muffled and his phrasing and acting were tentative.
Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, welcomely without any pre-echoes of Ravel's subsequent orchestral colourings, emerges as impatient and too easy, with little sense of the music's inherent wistfulness.
THE INSATIABLE MOON (15) Verdict: HHHII FILMED in New Zealand but produced by Digbeth-based Blue Hippo Media, this is a welcomely different film about outsiders trying to maintain their place in society.
But it's welcomely different to mainstream chase movies like the Bourne series and, if nothing else, clearly makes the point that when individuals are battling for personal survival, we should never assume the collective US military is right about everything all of the time.
New Music of the Nordic Countries brings a comprehensive overview of the contemporary music scene in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, each country surveyed by acknowledged experts in their field, and illustrated with copious photographs (including one of Sakari Oramo discussing a score with Finnish composer Usko Merilainen) and, most welcomely, extracts from scores.
A vinyl recording soon followed, set down in St Paul's Church, Hockley, and now it welcomely reappears on CD at a time when the work's message of tolerance and compassion seems to be needed more than ever.