welcome (someone or something) with open arms

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welcome (someone or something) with open arms

1. To greet someone very happily and eagerly; to give someone a very warm, enthusiastic welcome. When my brother left for the military, he and I didn't really get along too well. Now that he's coming home soon, I can't wait to welcome him with open arms. It was a little intimidating starting a new job at such a large firm, but everyone there welcomed me with open arms.
2. To be very pleased and enthusiastic about something, especially that which is new or unexpected. The president has announced a reversal on his controversial policy, and many people are welcoming the news with open arms.
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welcome someone with open arms

COMMON If you welcome someone with open arms, you show that you are very pleased to see them or meet them. People in Sidon welcomed them with open arms and rice and flowers. Note: You can also say that you greet someone with open arms or receive someone with open arms. We got out of the trucks to greet them with open arms.
See also: arm, open, someone, welcome

welcome something with open arms

If you welcome an event or new development with open arms, you are very pleased about it. Watchdog organizations welcomed today's guidelines with open arms. The store ranks as Palo Alto's fourth largest sales tax generator. Certainly many communities would welcome it with open arms. Note: You can also say that you accept something with open arms or embrace something with open arms. The Council did the right thing in getting him to carry out the study. They have accepted it with open arms and will, they say, progress with it.
See also: arm, open, something, welcome
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He will always be welcomed with open arms because of what he did when he was at Liverpool.
The saving grace, however ,would be that reassuringly they would be welcomed with open arms in Scotland knowing how sympathetic the SNP Scottish government are to all fellow economic migrants and which would gain them huge praise from their avid EU.
In Cardiff, Welsh education is in big demand among ethnic minority families, and their children are welcomed with open arms in Welsh-medium schools.
No matter who we have met we have been welcomed with open arms and a genuine feeling of friendship.
The former chancellor said the worries about access to financial talent were overblown, and bankers would be welcomed with open arms over European farmhands once free movement agreements are scrapped.
Here it is, the sequel to the award-winning A Storm Whale that will be welcomed with open arms by all, teachers, children and parents alike.
OLD bangers are being welcomed with open arms by Vauxhall dealers until the end of the year thanks to the reintroduction of the company's popular Scrappage Allowance Scheme.
But Ibrahimovic also wants to sign off with a spell in England and would be welcomed with open arms in north London - and would slot seamlessly into Wenger's preferred formation.
By opening the doors to Germany, Mrs Merkel has announced to poor people everywhere that they can come to our shores and be welcomed with open arms.
The Torah, which has seen several repairs over the years and dates back to 1939 Germany, was welcomed with open arms by members of Kehilat Shanghai during the fledgling congregation's Rosh Hashanah servicesthe first to be held in the former Ohel Moishe synagogue, where European Jews took refuge during World War II, in over 60 years.
ISLAMABAD -- All Parties Hurriyet Conference leader, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza has said that the return of Kashmiri Pandits to their native places in the territory will be welcomed with open arms and their separate colonies will be resisted at all costs.
We have since been welcomed with open arms by all parts of the I ED and recently attended the Engineering Design Show, hosting a workshop for professional registration and membership for interested graduates and students.
A GROUP preparing to take on a gruelling challenge for a children's hospice were welcomed with open arms when they visited the charity.
Is it any wonder more and more women are turning to the pagan Wicca where they are welcomed with open arms as equals, and where indulgence of the good things in life is more important than abstinence?
Furthermore, we have many trained Catholic priests (whose collective educations cost millions of dollars) who chose to leave the priesthood to marry, and who now sit in the pews, watching married Episcopal priests be welcomed with open arms.