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It is all too rare that were actually made to feel welcomed.
The cavalry unit's attendance marks a shift in welcoming ceremony traditions and is reminiscent of the Ottoman era, when foreign leaders were welcomed by Ottoman cavalry units in grand ceremonies at Topkapy Palace.
According to diplomatic sources, Chief of Protocol of Foreign Ministry Ghalib Iqbal welcomed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton while there was no senior government official or political leader to welcome her.
Madam Speaker, honorable Congressman, it's yet again a great pleasure for me to be in Washington and to be in the House of Representatives and to have been welcomed so nicely by both of the leaders here.
The aim was actively to engage everyone in creating and presenting a series of images (drawn, photographed or filmed), written statements and short films that express and explore the way people are welcomed to the North-East and the places that make us feel welcome or unwelcome and why.
God has welcomed home the lost without ever neglecting the faithful from the beginning of time.
In a March 29 ceremony on the White House's South Lawn, President George Bush welcomed the seven newest members of NATO, all former members of the Soviet Bloc.
John Paul will be officially welcomed by India's President K.
Thousands of glinting lights, reflections of mirrors held up by Mexican followers, welcomed Pope John Paul II's plane as he arrived in Mexico on Friday to address Latin and North America as a whole.
The first two billboards read as follows: "Welcome the Immigrant You Once Were" and "I Was a Stranger, And You Welcomed Me.
A PRO-TROOPS support group was welcomed to an annual event to mark the anniversary of one of Britain's most famous naval victories.
WHEN THOUSANDS SOUGHT POSADA IN 2005, A SENSE OF compassion enveloped our community as we welcomed those less fortunate into our city and our hearts.
See also And You Welcomed Me: A Source-book on Hospitality in Early Christianity, ed.
This year I wish to propose, for reflection by all the faithful, words inspired by the Gospel of Matthew: "Come, O blessed of my Father, for I was poor, shunned and you welcomed me
When Gaspar de Portola and Father Juan Crespi first visited the Valley in 1769, they noted its natural beauty and the remarkably friendly American Indians who welcomed them.