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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] Aug 19 ( ANI ): Priyanka and Nick's Roka ceremony garnered immense love from all quarters, but amid heavy downpour of wishes, there was Nick Jonas' father, Paul Kevin Jonas, who welcomed his future daughter-in-law to their family.
Later, he was also welcomed by jiyalas at Hyderabad at around 5am.
Caption: First-time customers to Hall's Hardware in Milton, Florida, are welcomed with a gift bag and a chance to put a pin in their hometown.
We are welcomed and we welcome; we welcome God and we welcome our unexpected neighbours.
Oh sure, if you asked an established member of a parish if it is a welcoming parish, they would reply in the affirmative because they feel welcomed. Parish welcoming through the eyes of a stranger is another matter entirely.
The US Congress staff smiled and waived from the visitors' gallery when they were welcomed by Parliament first vice-chairman Abdulla Al Dossary.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- A cavalry regiment joined for the first time a welcoming ceremony held at the Ecankaya presidential palace in Ankara on Tuesday as Turkish President Abdullah GE-l welcomed Latvian President Andris Berzins.
Since its inception in 2005, the Pease Greeters have welcomed 460 flights and 100,000 troops no matter what time of the day.
As we prepare to welcome the new-born Christ and celebrate his birth with friends and families let us open our eyes and hearts to those in this city that are waiting to be welcomed for in welcoming the stranger and the hungry we are welcoming Christ.
According to diplomatic sources, Chief of Protocol of Foreign Ministry Ghalib Iqbal welcomed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton while there was no senior government official or political leader to welcome her.
The outcomes can be as wonderful as they are unpredictable - as when Jesus's followers, dejected after his death, welcomed a stranger on their journey to Emmaus, only to discover He was indeed the Jesus they had been mourning.
The players were due to arrive in the province at afternoon, but they stranded in traffic jam and reached their destination late evening as tens of thousands cricket lovers were gathered to welcomed them.
The aim was actively to engage everyone in creating and presenting a series of images (drawn, photographed or filmed), written statements and short films that express and explore the way people are welcomed to the North-East and the places that make us feel welcome or unwelcome and why.
God has welcomed home the lost without ever neglecting the faithful from the beginning of time.