welcome with

welcome (someone or something) with (something)

1. To offer or present something to someone when greeting them. The hotel welcomed us with complimentary champagne. Tom's coming home from the hospital today. Let's welcome him back with a surprise party!
2. To embrace news or information with a particular kind of reaction or emotion. The committee welcomed the announcement with thunderous applause. Protesters are welcoming news of the government's reversal with joyful tears.
See also: welcome

welcome someone with something

to present something to someone as a sign of greeting. (See also receive someone with open arms.) The natives welcomed us with garlands of flowers. I welcomed the visitors with gifts and good wishes.
See also: welcome
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Welcome Break has provided a warm welcome with refreshments and care to many people in a variety of circumstances for eight years.
St Fagans Museum is giving mothers a warm winter welcome with its new policy on breastfeeding