welcome to

welcome someone to something

to greet someone who has come into something or some place. I am very pleased to welcome you to Adamsville! They welcomed us to the party and showed us where to put our coats and hats.
See also: welcome
References in classic literature ?
The stranger is always welcome to the children of the Lenape.
And Cecil was welcome to bring whom he would into the neighbourhood.
The young ladies had announced their intention of sitting in the fly until they were allowed speech with their late host; to which he had replied that they were welcome to sit there until doomsday so long as they remained outside his gates.
Well, you and your wife and your little chit of a daughter are welcome to him so far as we are concerned, aren't they, Flossie?
You are welcome to occupy the place during my absence in any way you wish.
Go on, my dear friend, till you, and those who, like you, have been saved, so as by fire, from the dark prison- house, shall stereotype these free, illegal pulses into statutes; and New England, cutting loose from a blood-stained Union, shall glory in being the house of refuge for the oppressed,--till we no longer merely "~hide~ the outcast," or make a merit of standing idly by while he is hunted in our midst; but, consecrat- ing anew the soil of the Pilgrims as an asylum for the oppressed, proclaim our WELCOME to the slave so loudly, that the tones shall reach every hut in the Carolinas, and make the broken-hearted bondman leap up at the thought of old Massachusetts.
But all here were free from such impertinence, not only those whose company is in all other places esteemed a favour from their equality of fortune, but even those whose indigent circumstances make such an eleemosynary abode convenient to them, and who are therefore less welcome to a great man's table because they stand in need of it.
com)-- Dan Trumpis is proud to announce the recent release of his novel Welcome to Harmony.
cities and towns are exploding with tension around immigration related issues, Welcome to Shelbyville, a new documentary about how residents in a small Tennessee town have worked to understand, challenge, and accept new immigrants in their community, will air nationwide on the Emmy Award-winning PBS Series Independent Lens on May 24, 2011.
MOTORISTS passing the iconic Angel of the North statue were given a welcome to remember yesterday.
Successful deployments of Welcome's payment software XLS in Mexico with Vida Bancomer's and VisaNet in Brazil are extraordinary opportunities for Welcome to expand the model in other countries of the Latin America region," said Philippe Vinci, EMEA & AMERICAS CEO, Welcome.
The Mersey Partnership, together with Liverpool Culture Company, is promoting an Excellent 08 Welcome to Merseyside programme.
At the very root of the Christian tradition is the biblical model and mandate to offer welcome to and share hospitality with "strangers," those who are outside one's particular community or community of faith.