welcome to

be welcome to (something)

To be expressly or freely permitted to have, use, or do something. You're welcome to the spare bed if you want to spend the night here. They're welcome to change the color if they are that unhappy with it.
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welcome (one) to (something)

To give one a cordial, friendly greeting to something or some place. The diplomat was at the airport to welcome the foreign dignitaries to the country.
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welcome someone to something

to greet someone who has come into something or some place. I am very pleased to welcome you to Adamsville! They welcomed us to the party and showed us where to put our coats and hats.
See also: welcome
References in classic literature ?
The stranger is always welcome to the children of the Lenape.
And Cecil was welcome to bring whom he would into the neighbourhood.
The young ladies had announced their intention of sitting in the fly until they were allowed speech with their late host; to which he had replied that they were welcome to sit there until doomsday so long as they remained outside his gates.
Well, you and your wife and your little chit of a daughter are welcome to him so far as we are concerned, aren't they, Flossie?
PEOPLE are being encouraged to write letters of welcome to refugees in a bid to make them feel safe when they arrive.
Our club also arranges a number of field trips throughout the year, which visitors are also very welcome to join us on.
com)-- Dan Trumpis is proud to announce the recent release of his novel Welcome to Harmony.
Staff from Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums, The Customs House, Blue Reef Aquarium and Washington Wetland Centre were celebrating the launch of Welcome to Tyne and Wear, a free destination induction programme developed specifically for tourism industry employees by Tourism Tyne and Wear and the North East Hotels Association.
MOTORISTS passing the iconic Angel of the North statue were given a welcome to remember yesterday.
We need them to say, 'If you've come to Huddersfield fleeing persecution or war, you are welcome to try out for our football team, your child is welcome in my parent and toddler group, you are welcome to come and volunteer for our charity.
3 : willingly permitted to do, have, or enjoy something <You're welcome to come along.
At the very root of the Christian tradition is the biblical model and mandate to offer welcome to and share hospitality with "strangers," those who are outside one's particular community or community of faith.
Welcome to the Machine: Science, Surveillance, And The Culture Of Control could have been considered under 'social issues' but its focus on the uses of science in controlling societies is too important to place elsewhere.