weight (something) against (someone or something)

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weight (something) against (someone or something)

To create or manipulate something to have a biased impact against someone or something. Corporate lobbyists have pressured lawmakers to weight employment laws against unions and their members. The state prosecutors have been accused of weighting the evidence against the suspect due to her political beliefs.
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weight something against someone or something

to bias something against someone or something. The prosecutor tried to weight the evidence against the defendant. The police weighted the case against the accused company.
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weight against

To cause something to have a slant or bias against someone or something: They weighted the rules against the visiting team.
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However, there was uncertainty as global factor heavily weighted against sentiment.
According to Ajaero, the tax is heavily weighted against the poor who do not have their own houses and who depended on the rich for housing.
Anticipated events expected to shape the future dynamics of supply and demand are identified the weighted against relevance and impact, thereby forecasting performance of the hospitality market.
Top 10 most travelled nations (weighted against population size) 1.Ireland 2.Australia 3.New Zealand 4.England 5.Canada 6.Netherlands 7.Switzerland 8.Scotland 9.Sweden 10.Denmark
Ms Underwood believes work assessments carried out by private firm Capita on people claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are weighted against the claimants.
But he also addressed the plight of minority communities who feel the criminal justice system is unfairly weighted against them.
RECORD Readers were outraged by claims the university entry system is weighted against teenagers from deprived areas.
President Barack Obama has been vocal about the need to rectify the pay scale that is negatively weighted against women -- despite equal pay ...
These costs have to be weighted against the havoc that global warming could ultimately cost.
However, after recently attending so called "consultations" I must agree with your correspondent's recent suggestion that they be called "Let US Talk at You" (Process weighted against protests, Views of the North, July 4).
Sometimes the law seems weighted against ordinary folk who play by the rules and to reward those who break them.
I sincerely hope that my fears are unfounded and that Mr Gatland delivers but I believe the odds are heavily weighted against him.
History is heavily weighted against Ireland, who have prevailed in Paris on just two occasions since 1952 with the most recent win claimed a decade ago.
Members of the Independent Bookmakers' Association had claimed that the payment formula is weighted against small operators and too much in favour of the major high-street chains.