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weight (something) against (someone or something)

To create or manipulate something to have a biased impact against someone or something. Corporate lobbyists have pressured lawmakers to weight employment laws against unions and their members. The state prosecutors have been accused of weighting the evidence against the suspect due to her political beliefs.
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weight down

1. To add weight to someone or something in order for them or it to remain stuck in place or unable to move quickly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "weight" and "down." I weighted the box down with stones so that it wouldn't float while underwater. I feel bad for weighting him down with our bags like that.
2. To cause a burden, hindrance, or impairment to someone's or something's performance. A noun or pronoun can be used between "weight" and "down." Often used in passive constructions. Our company was weighted down with the debts of the smaller businesses it had acquired. I'm not very good, and I don't want to weight your team down at all.
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weight someone or something down (with something)

to place a heavy weight in or on someone or something; to press down or hold down someone or something with a heavy weight. The inquisitors weighted the accused down with stones, but he still refused to say what they wanted. Karen weighted down the papers with an ornamental paperweight.
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weight down

1. To fix or hold something in place with added weight: I weighted down the papers so they wouldn't blow away. The campers weighted the tarp down with rocks.
2. To impair the performance of someone or something by or as if by adding weight: The project weighted the company down with too much debt to survive in this competitive market. The team was weighted down by its inexperience.
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We measured the amount of this effect in two ways: using relative weights (i.e., weights with an average value of 1 in each year) and CMI-adjusted weights (i.e., weights with an average value that reflects each year's increase in the frequency of higher weighted cases).
The revision led to little change in the estimate of the overall growth of total products: A slight upward revision in final products was about offset by a downward revision of about 0.8 percentage point per year in the less heavily weighted intermediate products group.
In particular, the heavily weighted series also showed lower levels of output than down significantly.
Indeed, mortality ranked fifth and weighted sixth among the nine measured elements in the control group.
Some of the modalities used in this type of training include medicine balls, "swiss" balls, core boards ab wheels, stretch cards/bands, and weighted vests.
* Weighted parallel dips to fatigue, rest 60-90 sec.
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