a weight off (one's) mind

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a weight off (one's) mind

The relief felt after sharing what one is thinking or feeling with others, or upon no longer having a particular problem. Having a night out to talk over my problem with my close friend helped me get a weight off my mind. I finally completed my tax return for this year. That's a weight off my mind!
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a weight off your mind


a load off your mind

If you describe something as a weight off your mind or a load off your mind, you mean that a problem that you were previously worried about has now been solved and you are no longer anxious. It's a real weight off my mind, knowing I have a job to go to. Knowing that the problem can be fixed — it's such a load off my mind. Note: You can also say that something takes a weight off your mind or takes a load off your mind. It was such a relief to find a good school for the kids. It took a real weight off my mind.
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(take) a load/weight off somebody’s mind

great relief, because a problem has been solved: Selling the house was an enormous weight off my mind.‘I’ve finished all my essays.’ ‘I bet that’s a load off your mind.’It took a load off my mind when the doctor said I was free from infection.
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"If children were able to have this treatment in Scotland, it would be such a weight off your mind."
Doing tax returns early takes a weight off your mind, with no worries about any refund that you're due.
* Digital Camera Mask, pounds 74.99, from www.firebox.com 3 A WEIGHT OFF YOUR MIND NEVER pay an extra penny in Draconian excess luggage surcharges to Mr Budget Airline again with this nifty little digital scales.
"Any time you have your job secure for next year, it's a massive weight off your mind."
Simmons said: "It's a weight off your mind if you can get things sorted out at this point in the summer and know where you are going to be next season.
I believe with breaks of any description, the minute you are given the medical go- ahead it's a psychological weight off your mind.
"It takes a great weight off your mind to know that your child is safe and that you can look in on them at any time, especially in the current climate where parents fear leaving their children in the care of others."
It'll be a great weight off your mind and at least you'll save a lot of money on hairspray.