a weight off (one's) mind

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a weight off (one's) mind

The relief felt after sharing what one is thinking or feeling with others, or upon no longer having a particular problem. Having a night out to talk over my problem with my close friend helped me get a weight off my mind. I finally completed my tax return for this year. That's a weight off my mind!
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a weight off your mind


a load off your mind

If you describe something as a weight off your mind or a load off your mind, you mean that a problem that you were previously worried about has now been solved and you are no longer anxious. It's a real weight off my mind, knowing I have a job to go to. Knowing that the problem can be fixed — it's such a load off my mind. Note: You can also say that something takes a weight off your mind or takes a load off your mind. It was such a relief to find a good school for the kids. It took a real weight off my mind.
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(take) a load/weight off somebody’s mind

great relief, because a problem has been solved: Selling the house was an enormous weight off my mind.‘I’ve finished all my essays.’ ‘I bet that’s a load off your mind.’It took a load off my mind when the doctor said I was free from infection.
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Knowing that the mortgage will be paid off, regardless of what happens to you can take this huge weight off their minds.
RCN Scottish Board Secretary James Kennedy said: "Having a permanent police presence will be a huge weight off their minds if you look at the level of violence our staff face on a daily basis.
Shoppers at the MetroCentre can take the weight off their minds as well as their feet at the Miller Homes' Chill Out Zone which visits the North-East this weekend.