a weight off (one's) mind

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a weight off (one's) mind

The relief felt after sharing what one is thinking or feeling with others, or upon no longer having a particular problem. Having a night out to talk over my problem with my close friend helped me get a weight off my mind. I finally completed my tax return for this year. That's a weight off my mind!
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a weight off your mind


a load off your mind

If you describe something as a weight off your mind or a load off your mind, you mean that a problem that you were previously worried about has now been solved and you are no longer anxious. It's a real weight off my mind, knowing I have a job to go to. Knowing that the problem can be fixed — it's such a load off my mind. Note: You can also say that something takes a weight off your mind or takes a load off your mind. It was such a relief to find a good school for the kids. It took a real weight off my mind.
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(take) a load/weight off somebody’s mind

great relief, because a problem has been solved: Selling the house was an enormous weight off my mind.‘I’ve finished all my essays.’ ‘I bet that’s a load off your mind.’It took a load off my mind when the doctor said I was free from infection.
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References in classic literature ?
I think you would, if you knew all; and it would be a weight off my mind if you would promise."
You have taken a weight off my mind. If you will let me, I shall give you a paper to read.
"A thousand thanks for your kind letter, which has taken a great weight off my mind. And yet, if it be true, what terrible things there are in the world, and what an awful thing if that man, that monster, be really in London!
'It's a weight off my mind, but - this thing here?' - he waved the note of hand - 'I don't know Gobind Sahai: or his bank, which may be a hole in a wall.'
Which three-time-winning Shergar Cup captain wrote an autobiography, 'A Weight Off My Mind'?
Tudor Hughes, who lives nearby with his young family, said scrapping the scheme was "a weight off my mind".
"My weekly clean with Wellshine Woolwich really does take a weight off my mind, knowing that it will all be finished by the time I get home from work.
It is a weight off my mind because we are a long way into September and the first home win had not come." Dale's Peter Vincenti levelled Jimmy Abdou's early strike for the hosts before Shaun Williams (above, top) and Steve Morison struck to clinch victory.
"It's taken a massive weight off my mind," said the 21-year-old in a BT Sport sponsored question and answer session.
He said: "It's a weight off my mind because the 90s have been quite slow for me with injuries and I've been trying to get back to full fitness.
Archibald said: "It's a great weight off my mind. Thank you."
Mind you, they'll see off all those slugs, which is a weight off my mind. You just can't get decent slug pellets anymore."
I have taken a huge weight off my mind," Kaka said.
WEIGHT OFF MY MIND: Teen Joe Harris, pictured left with mum Anne, shed more than three stone and now enjoys an active way of life.