a weight off (one's) mind

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a weight off (one's) mind

The relief felt after sharing what one is thinking or feeling with others, or upon no longer having a particular problem. Having a night out to talk over my problem with my close friend helped me get a weight off my mind. I finally completed my tax return for this year. That's a weight off my mind!
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a weight off your mind


a load off your mind

If you describe something as a weight off your mind or a load off your mind, you mean that a problem that you were previously worried about has now been solved and you are no longer anxious. It's a real weight off my mind, knowing I have a job to go to. Knowing that the problem can be fixed — it's such a load off my mind. Note: You can also say that something takes a weight off your mind or takes a load off your mind. It was such a relief to find a good school for the kids. It took a real weight off my mind.
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(take) a load/weight off somebody’s mind

great relief, because a problem has been solved: Selling the house was an enormous weight off my mind.‘I’ve finished all my essays.’ ‘I bet that’s a load off your mind.’It took a load off my mind when the doctor said I was free from infection.
See also: load, mind, off, weight
References in classic literature ?
"This is what it is," she began in haste, as though the permission to speak of her trouble lifted a weight off her mind. "Very early this morning we got a note from Pyotr Petrovitch in reply to our letter announcing our arrival.
WEIGHT OFF HER MIND Losing nine stone changed everything for Jade Delaney
Slimmer and fitter Noora Ali has taken a weight off her mind (and hips) at the same time as piling on a welcome amount of dinars by winning a 12-week 'body transformation' competition.
WEIGHT OFF HER MIND: Kathy (left)withpartner Tracey; OVERWEIGHT: Kathy before her operation WINNER
I have known her socially and professionally for many years and she has been acting out of character, on the edge and brittle, but I think this revelation will be a weight off her mind and relax her a wee bit."
And judging by this picture, having an endless supply of hair products for her blonde locks has certainly taken a weight off her mind.
SCHOOLGIRL Ceri Austin has taken a weight off her mind with her first haircut.