weigh (one's) words

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weigh (one's) words

1. To choose what one says carefully. Weigh your words when you talk to the boss—this is a situation you need to finesse.
2. To think about what one else has said. I've been weighing his words all day, trying to figure out what he meant.
See also: weigh, word

weigh someone's words

1. Fig. to consider carefully what someone says. I listened to what he said, and I weighed his words very carefully. Everyone was weighing his words. None of us knew exactly what he meant.
2. Fig. to consider one's own words carefully when speaking. I always weigh my words when I speak in public. John was weighing his words carefully because he didn't want to be misunderstood.
See also: weigh, word

weigh one's words

Speak or write with deliberation or considerable care, as in The doctor weighed his words as he explained her illness. This term was first recorded in 1340.
See also: weigh, word

weigh your ˈwords

carefully choose the words you use when you speak or write: He spoke very slowly, weighing his words.
See also: weigh, word
References in classic literature ?
"Professor," continued Robert Canler, with great deliberation, as though carefully weighing his words, "I have come this evening to speak with you about Jane."
One could see that he was very carefully weighing his words.
But back in power, he is weighing his words more carefully.
"To put it politely, it was an unfortunate situation," said coach Thomas Tuchel after the game, weighing his words carefully.
"Churchill stared at me and was silent for a moment as if weighing his words. 'It was a calculated assessment,' he said at last.
"The problem is," he added, weighing his words carefully, "I think you'll find it's already been invented."
WHEN someone as eminent and as hard-working an ambassador for all that is best in Wales as Dafydd Wigley speaks his mind at such a prestigious and high-profile an event as the National Eisteddfod, it is well for us all to listen, for he will have been weighing his words carefully.
John McCririck, weighing his words as usual and doing his best to be encouraging, said: "They've got absolutely no chance at all!