weigh against (someone or something)

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weigh against (someone or something)

1. To compare the benefits and disadvantages of two things or options against one another in order to choose the best one. When deciding on a vacation, I always have to weigh how much I want to relax at the beach against how much I love exploring new, bustling cities. We'll weigh your proposal against the various other options open to us.
2. To have a negative effect or impact on someone's or something's reputation or evaluation. Your persistent tardiness will certainly weigh against you in your annual review. There are a number of factors weighing against the proposed legislation.
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weigh something against something

to ponder something by balancing it against something. I weighed going to town against staying here and sleeping and I decided to stay here. When I weigh your suggestion against my own ideas, I realize that I must follow my own conscience.
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weigh against someone or something

Fig. to count against someone or something; [for some fact] to work against someone or something. I hope my many absences do not weigh against me on the final grade. This will weigh against you.
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weigh against

1. To compare something to something else in order to make a decision: When we weighed our decision against the alternatives, it was clearly the wrong choice.
2. To affect someone or something adversely in an evaluation: My poor test scores will weigh against me.
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The knowledge factor weighed against equitable relief in all six of these cases but taxpayers were granted equitable relief in three cases [Demeter (T.C.
against people, people are weighed against kings, kings are weighed
Undue burden, expense, or delay caused by a party's action or inaction should be weighed against that party.
Our expectations have to be weighed against these circumstances.'
Officials of the state's largest teachers' union claim aid cuts will "devastate" education, leading to a "drastic" reduction of programs and "much larger class sizes." But these dire forecasts need to be weighed against a recent growth trend in school staffing.
Using a pacifier (dummy) may not adversely affect breastfeeding duration or exclusivity, and their use should be weighed against protection from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), according to a systematic review.
The risks of the once-a-day tablet, Fablyn, must be weighed against its ability to prevent fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, the Food and Drug Administration's staff said in a report last week on the agency's Web site.
Thus, the court said, five factors favored relief and one weighed against it.
However when building social infrastructure for the benefit of the wider community gainers must be weighed against losers.
The authors said this finding needed to be weighed against the obvious benefits of fruit and vegetables for protecting against a range of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.
You can expect a strong point of view in its curation, since a committee of one (critic Matej Bogataj) has picked the best shows of the year to perform and be weighed against one another Festivalgoers will be the first to hear who has won this year's Borstnik Ring, the country's highest acting award.
The potential cost of-replacing an older but still reliable whey separator were weighed against future benefits in terms of energy savings, water savings and throughput of a new machine when a Welsh cheese factory decided to invest in a new MSD250.
Given the public health benefits, they conclude that the long-term benefits of neonatal circumcision need to be carefully weighed against its perceived costs.
It is difficult to argue that the moral claims of a nation outweigh the justified hopes and dreams of one person, but the immigration policy of a nation cannot be weighed against the tragedy of an individual.
The benefit is real, but it's modest and has to be weighed against the risk."