weigh your words

weigh (one's) words

1. To choose what one says carefully. Weigh your words when you talk to the boss—this is a situation you need to finesse.
2. To think about what one else has said. I've been weighing his words all day, trying to figure out what he meant.
See also: weigh, word
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weigh your ˈwords

carefully choose the words you use when you speak or write: He spoke very slowly, weighing his words.
See also: weigh, word
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References in classic literature ?
"Weigh your words well, my lord," said Raoul, haughtily: "my nature is not such that its vivacities need checking; whilst you, on the contrary, are descended from a race whose passions are suspected by all true Frenchmen; I repeat, therefore, for the second time, be careful!"
Weigh your words before you speak, for my eyes have already become brighter, and my heart beats strongly; be cautious, or you will make me believe in supernatural agencies.
But be very careful what you say; weigh your words, so that the other newspapers can't laugh at us; and bring me the article when you've written it.
To avoid miscommunication, speak as much as is required, weigh your words carefully and be aware of the impact your words are creating to an individual or the collective.
'This is why it is wise to weigh your words before you speak.
'First of all, you have to be very careful so you can really weigh your words before speaking.'