weigh words

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weigh (one's) words

1. To choose what one says carefully. Weigh your words when you talk to the boss—this is a situation you need to finesse.
2. To think about what one else has said. I've been weighing his words all day, trying to figure out what he meant.
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weigh someone's words

1. Fig. to consider carefully what someone says. I listened to what he said, and I weighed his words very carefully. Everyone was weighing his words. None of us knew exactly what he meant.
2. Fig. to consider one's own words carefully when speaking. I always weigh my words when I speak in public. John was weighing his words carefully because he didn't want to be misunderstood.
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weigh one's words, to

To speak or write thoughtfully and prudently. Weigh here is used in the sense of measuring the weight, or impact, of one’s words. This metaphor dates from ancient times and was already in print in the early fourteenth century. Dan Michel wrote, “[he] ne wegth his wordes ine the waye of discrecion” (Ayenbite of Inwyt, 1340).
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