weigh down

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weigh someone or something down

to burden someone or something. The heavy burden weighed the poor donkey down. The load of bricks weighed down the truck.
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weigh someone down

Fig. [for a thought] to worry or depress someone. All these problems really weigh me down. Financial problems have been weighing down our entire family.
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weigh down

Burden, oppress, as in Their problems have weighed them down. This expression transfers bowing under a physical weight to emotional burdens. [c. 1600]
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weigh down

1. To hold or bend something down by applying weight: I weighed the trail map down on the ground with stones. The vines were weighed down by their heavy grapes.
2. To burden or oppress someone or something: Heavy backpacks weighed down the hikers. The responsibilities of the new job weighed me down.
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But at the Weigh Down retreat in Franklin she felt like an outsider.
Christians returned The Weigh Down Diet book, which had sold 1,000,000 copies, and churches cancelled classes.
And when a couple from Georgia - who were members of the church - were accused of killing their eight-year-old son after locking him in a closet and forcing him to pray, investigators raided the Franklin headquarters of the Weigh Down Workshop.
At the end of this month, thousands of Weigh Down disciples will gather at Nashville to praise the Lord for saving them from the evils of food.
After decades of drastic, yo-yo dieting, she joined her church's Weigh Down Workshop and dropped 7.
In Tennessee alone, there are 464 Weigh Down Workshops.
Weigh Down was founded by Gwen Shamblin in 1986 to compete with commercial weight-loss plans.
The classes for Weigh Down, held once a week during 12-week seminars, open with a prayer, followed by video and audio tapes by Shamblin.
For instance, intensity and high cost of R&D is expected to weigh down the development of biopharmaceutical drugs, whereas political uncertainties and public pressure for safe and sustainable development are critical factors in the chemicals industry.
Furthermore, until this new development and repositioning activity can yield positive NOI results, increased interest carry will weigh down coverage ratios.
NASDAQ/NM:BAMM) is hosting best-selling author of The Weigh Down Diet, Gwen Shamblin.
amp;quot;The Weigh Down Diet has been such a success in our stores and Rise Above is sure to be another hit.
It avoids "excruciatingly detailed descriptions" of military hardware that weigh down modern thrillers.
The soaring number of networked PCs as well as enlarged file size-especially due to the growing distribution of multimedia data-can weigh down networks and their central servers.