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Just to emphasise: if a horse has had two runs back from a rest, and has returned in his physical weight - which must be of very similar importance to the weight at which he's handicapped - to somewhere near what he weighed when he last won, you've got to take him very seriously, haven't you?
Automated weigh batching and blending systems source materials from nearby or distant locations, weigh in sequence, blend and transport to machines or storage containers.
Whether it's providing a scale for customers to track their weights or having trucks weighed in at independent truck scale facilities, the company strives to give customers assurances that their weights are accurate.
A significant reduction in injuries is associated with obtaining weights with the Eze Weigh 590 scale.
The SWS310 tension weigh modules with the SLS410 load cell enable users to convert a suspended hopper or vessel into a scale.
Model 270 series inline weigh feeder modules meter a variety of dry solids at moderate to high rates in a totally dust-tight vertical configuration.
It produces bales that weigh 850 pounds on average and logs that weigh an average of 1,200 pounds.
has introduced Weigh Legs, a bolt-on frame that adds in-line weighing capabilities to ordinary sections of a conveyor.
Infants born at term to mothers with preeclampsia have similar birth weights, on average, to those of infants born to women who do not experience this condition; however, infants born preterm to mothers with preeclampsia weigh significantly less than those born to women with normal blood pressure during pregnancy, according to a retrospective cohort study of births in Canada.
* CRT monitors can weigh up to 50 pounds; most FPD monitors weigh only a quarter of that.
Combination weigh filling can reduce overweighs to as little as a fraction of a gram.
We have built upon the strengths of the existing range by creating an inbound/outbound indicator specifically for vehicle weighing, as well a multi-function version which includes the ability to weigh in-motion in order to further meet the practical needs of industry."
Typically supplied in a 100 kg capacity, the pressure scale features a steel scale casing that is lined with a flexible rubber jacket, has a fluidized outlet cone for optimum filler discharge and is mounted on a loadcell weigh frame.