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weep (one's) heart out

To weep copiously; to cry intensely and for a long time. Lauren wept her heart out at the news of her father's sudden death. What did you say to upset your brother? He's been weeping his heart out upstairs for the last half hour!
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come home by Weeping Cross

To grieve or mourn. The phrase is not limited to death—it can apply to a disappointment as well. I dread the day when I come home by Weeping Cross—my first loss in the battlefield will be too much to take.
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weep millstones

Said hyperbolically of one who is deemed so cold and indifferent as to be unable to cry tears. I've never seen Claire show any emotion—in fact, she probably weeps millstones. Why didn't you comfort that poor little girl? Do you weep millstones?
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weep buckets

To weep copiously; to cry intensely and for a long time. Everyone wept buckets during the funeral. What did you say to upset your brother? He's been weeping buckets upstairs for the last half hour!
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weep buckets

Cry copiously, as in That sad tale of unrequited love always made her weep buckets. [Colloquial]
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Weeping Window will be on display at the Senedd until September 24.
Penny Wilkinson, chair of the trustees of Museums & Archives Northumberland, said hosting Weeping Window had been "a tremendous honour".
That tears were potentially effeminate," he writes, "had been a standard view for centuries"; this opinion simply became more prevalent after 1789, when weeping was increasingly understood in Britain as "a feminine, as well as a foreign, activity".
Eunice said she has already had several people ask whether the Weeping Window is to be repeated next year and others asking for the knitting pattern and saying they will be getting their needles out in 12 months time.
Keith added that he stood there and wept and kept on weeping and weeping because according to him the audience were loving and worshipping the wrong thing.
The Silver Birch is weeping, Leaves like tears of gold, Gently drifting, falling, Upon the earth so cold.
This season, the Weeping Radish, North Carolina's oldest microbrewery, has debuted a Christmas Ale produced from 100% North Carolina ingredients, including barley malted in the state.
Stafford Neighbourhood Policing Unit will hold a meeting for Weeping Cross residents today, at Bodmin Avenue Shop in Weeping Cross from 3-4pm.
When it was lowered into the ground at the ceremony one of the ropes slipped and her coffin tilted to starboard and her baby brother burst out laughing and then wept like I never heard a kid weep before and I am 50 years old and have heard a lot of weeping.
Q Can you recommend a weeping cherry tree for a small fruit garden?
I felt like weeping after reading the article "Weeping For Her Sons.
Here, in her clients Nancy and Tom Crawford's garden, weeping mulberry (Morus alba 'Pendula') frames a lotus pond.
In 2005, Catholics from all over the world visited a small Vietnamese church in California to see a Virgin Mary statue that appeared to be weeping tears of blood.
Weeping purple beech, flowering cherry, columnar spruce, dogwood, dwarf plum, galaxy magnolia, globe maple, goldenchain tree, halesia, hinoki cypress, Japanese maple, Japanese snowball, lilac, photinia, redbud, rhododendron, royal galaxy magnolia, purple smoke tree, snowball bush, stewartia, weeping hornbeam, weeping spruce.
Weeping Mary isn't an icon but a community in rural East Texas: its name has been attributed to an African American woman called Mary who wept over the loss of her land to a deceitful white man.