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finders keepers(, losers weepers)

A children's rhyme meaning that if someone finds something, they are entitled to keep it (even if it belongs to someone else). Jake yelled "finders keepers" as he dashed toward the house with the sparkling ring he had discovered. A: "Hey, that's my favorite toy!" B: "But I found it out on the playground. Finders keepers, losers weepers!"
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finders, keepers

A phrase meaning that whoever finds something is entitled to keep it. For example, Someone left a dollar bill in this rented car-finders, keepers. This expression alludes to an ancient Roman law to that effect and has been stated in numerous different ways over the centuries. The modern version, often stated as Finders keepers, losers weepers, dates from the mid-1800s and is no longer a legal precept.
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n. a sad movie, novel, television program, etc. I can’t seem to get enough of these weepers.
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The retired roads weeper from Watt's Road,Penyffordd,near Mold, will spend his first week in Sydney where he plans to go to a concert at the Opera House,and take a trip in a hot air balloon.
His 2001 Italian dramedy "The Last Kiss" so wowed Smith that the actor hand-picked Muccino to direct 2006 hit "Happyness" Then came "Seven Pounds," considered by some to be below the benchmark for Smith, though the risk-taking weeper more than tripled its $55 million budget in worldwide grosses.
Had the race resumed right after the Mears-Hornish wreck -- rather than after 67minutes of weeper repair -- the drivers could have done another 60-70 more laps before the rain returned.
5%), Skirt-Watching Letch (3%) and the Toilet Weeper (2.
Meanwhile, serial weeper Sissy told housemates she was "gutted" to be the third contestant to be booted out of the Big Brother house.
And this very funny first act ends with all four women (and the hapless director, played by Kevin Isola, who had hoped to make a realistic drama) giving the studio producer (played by David Garrison) the movie he demands: a romantic weeper with "no whores, no cotton pickin' slaves, no misery.
Human Niagara Falls weeper - and my God is she strutting her tear-stained stuff
This girl, hair aflame and skin as white and fragile as a store-bought mushroom's, with her black boots and her black Lady Macbeth skirt and her black crocheted cardigan - a net for catching nightmares in - she must be the weeper.
As the Street's worldclass weeper Deirdre Barlow, she bawled buckets because her psycho daughter Tracy was forced to spend her 30th birthday behind bars.
Takita's career took a more serious--and mainstream--turn with "Secret," a 1999 weeper about a high school girl whose soul enters her mother's body when both are involved in a traffic accident.
Miles loves a good weeper, while Souhrada wants to see Stallone rip people apart.
How many films have you made," Carole asked Shilpa - who soon claimed the Michael Barrymore award as Celebrity Big Brother 2007's first obscure weeper.
It looks like a madhouse on Jan Versweyveld's artfully cluttered backstage set, the scene of a preview performance of "The Second Wife," a women's weeper that is obviously going very badly.
Their hard-driving sound and instrumental virtuosity through two sets Saturday showed there's no mistaking this band as anything but bluegrass, but songs such as the not-yet recorded "You Put the Hurt On Me," a hard-country weeper worthy of George Jones, showed their particular expansion of the music's definition.