weep for

weep for (someone or an animal)

to cry out of sorrow for someone or an animal. She wept for her puppy when it was terribly sick. Please don't weep for me after I'm gone.
See also: weep
References in classic literature ?
If you hear in my voice--I don't know that it is so, but I hope it is--if you hear in my voice any resemblance to a voice that once was sweet music in your ears, weep for it, weep for it
If, when I tell you, dearest dear, that your agony is over, and that I have come here to take you from it, and that we go to England to be at peace and at rest, I cause you to think of your useful life laid waste, and of our native France so wicked to you, weep for it, weep for it
Gods are at horrors Most of all they weep for you, Emma, and Rylan because you are both too nice and too pretty to be the faces of such dross.
Does God weep for his creatures hunted and destroyed Does God become angry and get annoyed?
This station tells of Jesus saying to the weeping women of Jerusalem: "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and your children" (Luke 23: 28).
It was as if we did not know how to gather and weep for our dead without proclaiming our own greatness.
THESE two fathers, one Israeli one Palestinian, weep for their children killed in the conflict which has ripped the heart out of the Middle East.
Indeed if it does, which I very much doubt, I will weep for myself, I will weep for Amina and I will weep for Nigeria.
We grieve with the many who have known him in his life and we weep for a world that must reckon with his death.
If we're going to weep, let's weep for the families left behind.
A miraculous switch from Dump The Pump to Dump The Chump, which would make you weep for the mentality of The Floating Voter - if you could persuade yourself there was any mentality worth weeping over.