weep about

weep about (someone or something)

1. To shed tears, especially of sadness, because of someone or something. She's up in her room weeping about her boyfriend. He just left for college this morning. Toddlers will weep about the smallest bump or scrape, then turn around the next moment laughing their heads off. Oh, for goodness' sake, what are you weeping about now?
2. To express grief, anguish, or emotional distress about someone or something; to lament or mourn for someone or something. Plenty of politicians will weep about these tragedies, but few take any meaningful action to prevent them in the future. The whole city wept about the young man who was lost in the accident.
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weep about someone or something

to cry about someone or something; to mourn someone or something. She was weeping about her grandfather, who had passed away in the night. There is no use weeping about spilled milk.
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