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childish Particularly small or tiny. I'm not hungry myself, but I'd love to try just a teensy-weensie bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teensy-weensie, because they grow up very fast!


childish Extremely small; tiny. I'm not hungry, but I'd love to try just a teeny-weeny bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teeny-weeny, because they grow up very fast!


and teenie-weenie and teensy-weensy (ˈtiniˈwini and ˈtintsiˈwintsi)
mod. tiny. Could you move just a teenie-weenie bit to the left?


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uk When not constructing huge props for James Bond and Sherlock Holmes films at Pinewood, Laura Johnson is making teensy weensy people.
Of course, there's the fleeting chance a neighbour may mention in passing the fact there was a teensy weensy bit of a fire at the house, but them's the breaks.
And we've got to beat that teensy weensy posh girl whose prosecuting.
Manchester United finally recognise they have a teensy weensy bit of a problem on the PR front, and appoint a Director of Communications to help smooth a few shattered relationships.
In times such as these, when the more miserable and distant lands seem to disappear from the horizon, it may help us a bit, perhaps a teensy weensy bit, I would hope, to think of the Paulinas, the Gerardos, the Robertos, of the world--to figure out for ourselves which of these three we most resemble, how much of our secluded lives are expressed in each of these characters and in all of them.
A MEXICAN dog breeder has developed Chihuahua guard dogs that look like the teensy weensy dogs, but have strong jaws and attack in packs.
Features easily reproduced finger puppets such as bugs, dinosaurs, elephants, monkeys and frogs, as well as favorites like the Eensy Weensy Spider, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Owl and the Pussycat.
For years she has gone on and on about how Big is Beautiful, how she's enormously happy being enormous and implying that, really, perhaps we're all a teensy weensy bit lacking in humour if we don't join her on her way to straining arteries and an outsize wardrobe (which handily can be bought from 1647, her very own clothes label).
3 I PROMISE to keep wearing that earnest (and just a teensy weensy bit camp) expression when making those promises I won't keep.
Nate James' track When Kingdom Falls is just a teensy weensy taster of the delights yet to come from Nate James this year.
And as for the green environmentalists who are forever nagging us to buy friendly cars with teensy weensy engines, well, they will be complete losers with these new proposals.
THERE'S a war on, people are being slaughtered, yet the world seems to be consumed by the fact that Nicole Kidman might have a teensy, weensy bit of cellulite.
For when your hormones are a bubbling cauldron of chaos, you have varicose veins where your fishnets used to be, piles that you'd need a sherpa to circumnavigate and indigestion that a convoy of juggernauts containing industrial Rennies couldn't cure, it is no wonder that you look a teensy weensy bit less than bloody perfect.
Or was there just a teensy weensy bit of motive to get and stay in a position of power and influence?