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childish Particularly small or tiny. I'm not hungry myself, but I'd love to try just a teeny-weenie bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teeny-weenie, because they grow up very fast!


childish Extremely small; tiny. I'm not hungry, but I'd love to try just a teeny-weeny bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teeny-weeny, because they grow up very fast!

weenie wagger

rude slang A male exhibitionist who exposes his genitals to other people in public; a flasher. I heard that one of the teachers was arrested for being a weenie wagger. A: "You be careful when you're up in New York City, you hear? The place is crawling with junkies and weenie waggers!" B: "Chill out, Mom. You've been watching too much TV."
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and teenie-weenie and teensy-weensy (ˈtiniˈwini and ˈtintsiˈwintsi)
mod. tiny. Could you move just a teenie-weenie bit to the left?




and wienie
1. n. a stupid and inept male. Tell that stupid weenie to get himself over here and get back to work.
2. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his weenie and ran for the bedroom.
3. n. an earnest student. That weenie keeps getting As and raising the grade scale.
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The players themselves seem to enjoy the non-contact aspect of events, such as the Lawrence Weenie Cup.
In the meantime Elliot leaves Giselle at the forest altar, and taking the excuse of friendship and rescue, runs after the fast disappearing Weenie.
Invasion of the Road Weenies and other warped and creepy tales.
Weenie was born on Poundmaker reserve in Saskatchewan on Aug.
You could back into a corner, weenie in hand, and avoid people the entire day, No fun.
Thou Shalt Not Be a Weenie. Some medications have irritating side effects, but patients who stick with the regimen she prescribes will see results, Dr.
Aggravated by his wife's success and his inability to support his large family, Robert comes across as a bit of a weenie. Clara, equal parts breadwinner and Stepford wife, alters her behaviors to accommodate everyone around her.
I fully now understand why it was considered a downing discrepancy if the airconditioning did not work in the "Turbo Weenie."
I dismissed Jim's perception that I was "good." I knew I was a weenie and a phony.
"People thought we were nuts," said Morhauser, but the dishes caught on and were eventually picked up by such high-end pet stores as Three Dog Bakery, which uses them for displays, and Chez Weenie, as well as a high-end department store.
It's more than 20 years since I lived on a farm, and I don't want to sound like some city-dwelling weenie, but I think we have to do something about the waste coming out of these huge hog operations before a great gaseous cloud escapes from one of them and wanders around the country like Joe Clark looking for the Progressive Conservative party.
We had time to kill, and Buzz Cut was soon glad-handing the room in his weenie uniform, a light blue button-down Oxford shirt and khaki pants.
projects among residents and staff is the Case of the Blahs, a crate containing seven stuffed "Beenie Weenie" style creatures.
Apply the glaze with the "weenie" roller (run roller across screen in bucket first to remove excess).