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dirty weekend

A secret getaway in which two unmarried people leave town to have sex. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When Dana and Harry both skipped work on Saturday, we knew they had gone away for a dirty weekend.
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have a face like a wet weekend

To look miserable. Primarily heard in UK. Poor Colin has a face like a wet weekend because his girlfriend dumped him.
See also: face, have, like, weekend, wet

make a day/night/weekend of it

To extend one's plans in order to spend more time in a particular place or doing a particular activity. Since we have to drive up there, why don't we make a day of it and visit some wineries on the way. We have a guest room. You guys should stay over and make a weekend of it.
See also: make, night, of, weekend

something for the weekend?

obsolete A euphemistic phrase once used to discreetly offer someone a condom. If you're satisfied with your haircut, how about something for the weekend?
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something for the weekend

a condom or packet of condoms. informal
The expression originated as a euphemism used by barbers when asking their customers if they wished to buy some condoms.
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a ˌdirty weekˈend

(British English, humorous) a weekend spent away from home in order to have sex, usually with somebody who is not your usual partner: They went away for a dirty weekend in Brighton.
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weekend warrior

n. a member of the military reserves. I wanted to be a weekend warrior and get some of the educational benefits.
See also: warrior, weekend