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dirty weekend

A secret getaway in which two unmarried people leave town to have sex. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When Dana and Harry both skipped work on Saturday, we knew they had gone away for a dirty weekend.
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have a face like a wet weekend

To look miserable. Primarily heard in UK. Poor Colin has a face like a wet weekend because his girlfriend dumped him.
See also: face, have, like, weekend, wet

make a day/night/weekend of it

To extend one's plans in order to spend more time in a particular place or doing a particular activity. Since we have to drive up there, why don't we make a day of it and visit some wineries on the way. We have a guest room. You guys should stay over and make a weekend of it.
See also: make, night, of, weekend

something for the weekend?

obsolete A euphemistic phrase once used to discreetly offer someone a condom. If you're satisfied with your haircut, how about something for the weekend?
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something for the weekend

a condom or packet of condoms. informal
The expression originated as a euphemism used by barbers when asking their customers if they wished to buy some condoms.
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a ˌdirty weekˈend

(British English, humorous) a weekend spent away from home in order to have sex, usually with somebody who is not your usual partner: They went away for a dirty weekend in Brighton.
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weekend warrior

n. a member of the military reserves. I wanted to be a weekend warrior and get some of the educational benefits.
See also: warrior, weekend
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Camps, conference centers and other groups interested in sponsoring NatureLink weekends should contact NWF's Outdoor Ethics Division in Vienna, Virginia.
Hospital, weekly" is the most important to good utilization of hospital days, so that patients continue to make progress over the weekends and holidays and are discharged expeditiously.
Along the way, ``Pirates'' broke many records including the holy grail, biggest opening weekend of all time: $135 million.
While consumer spending in the electronic and furniture segments was quite strong, department and discount stores lagged over the weekend.
Still, box office receipts have been up over 2005 figures 27 out of the last 35 weekends, with year-to-date revenue up by nearly 6 percent.
Yes, the money was good, its was the glory, but it was the hug that seemed the greatest reward for the victorious golfer--and the perfect ending for the dyke world's favorite weekend.
The seminar and tasting will be intimate and interactive, and timing it to coincide with the Harvest Wine Tour weekend offers visitors an overview of the entire Paso Robles region to supplement their tasting experiences.
The Universal Pictures release ``The Break-Up,'' starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, was dislodged from first place by ``Cars'' but still enjoyed a solid weekend performance, with estimated ticket sales of $20.
For the eighth year in a row, they've teamed up with Mariah Hanson, promoter of San Francisco's Club Skirts, to present a weekend of parties--including the White Party, with state-of-the-art light and sound systems, and "One Night in Rio," featuring dance diva Robin S.
Based on such a blockbuster opening day, ``X-Men'' is a lock to set the record for Memorial Day weekend openings, which is currently held by ``The Lost World: Jurassic Park,'' which took in $90.
Da Vinci" was expected to cross the $100 million mark in domestic grosses on Thursday after a $77 million opening weekend and impressively strong midweek ticket sales.
Americans would most like to spend a weekend with celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, when given a choice of celebrity couples, a new survey from new lifestyle magazine Weekend reveals.
1 million Southern Californians will travel during the Memorial Day weekend, a slight uptick from last year.
During the weekend of January 27 and 28, more than 20 Napa merchants -- including shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, B & Bs and cultural attractions -- will offer visitors an enticing variety of special packages and unique dining and cultural experiences.