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Weeks grew to months, and months to years: Peter was worn to skin and bone: And once he even said, with tears,
Weeks spoke seriously, but his gray eyes twinkled a little at the end of his long speech, and Philip flushed when he saw that the American was making fun of him.
I wonder if you'd he so superior and snippy if you had to live on six dollars a week."
For instance, it takes your woman 42 days to earn her gown, at 2 mills a day -- 7 weeks' work; but ours earns hers in forty days -- two days SHORT of 7 weeks.
It takes him 32 working days to earn the money -- 5 weeks and 2 days.
So long as each of them could bring home nine or ten dollars a week, they were able to get along finely.
It was the week before Christmas that the first storm came, and then the soul of Jurgis rose up within him like a sleeping lion.
This is all very well for an hour or two; but you can't balance yourself for a week.
He pondered a good deal during the afternoon, and at one time it seemed to him that he had been eating nothing but boiled beef for weeks, and at other times it seemed that he must have been living on strawberries and cream for years.
"Three dollars a week, an' four dollars a week, an' a young boy cookin' for himself on an oil-burner an' layin' up money, workin' all day an' studyin' all night, just workin' an' never playin', never havin' a good time, an' never learnin' how to have a good time - of course his thirty thousand came along too late."
During those several weeks he saw Ruth half a dozen times, and each time was an added inspiration.
Now, if I have remained, it was only in compliance with the desire of your general, his honor having requested me not to depart without a last audience, which fixed at a week hence.
Then the time limited for his absence would be a week." Then, turning towards Athos: "Monsieur," said he, "your declaration is of the most serious importance; are you willing to repeat it under the seal of an oath?"
By the bye, we shall have to be a little feudal next week. Japan is a country of many ceremonies, and, after all, Maiyo is one of the Royal Family.
Things will have cleared up, I dare say, by next week. I am coming round to the House for a moment if you're not in a hurry."