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It takes him 32 working days to earn the money -- 5 weeks and 2 days.
It was the week before Christmas that the first storm came, and then the soul of Jurgis rose up within him like a sleeping lion.
Jurgis got home somehow, scarcely able to see for the pain, and with an awful terror in his soul, Elzbieta helped him into bed and bandaged his injured foot with cold water and tried hard not to let him see her dismay; when the rest came home at night she met them outside and told them, and they, too, put on a cheerful face, saying it would only be for a week or two, and that they would pull him through.
A dollar sixty-five a day was simply not enough to feed them, and there was no use trying; and so each week they made an inroad upon the pitiful little bank account that Ona had begun.
Three weeks afterwards, I met him in the coffee-room of a Bath hotel, talking about his voyages, and explaining, with enthusiasm, how he loved the sea.
Yes; going down to Yarmouth, last Friday three weeks.
During those several weeks he saw Ruth half a dozen times, and each time was an added inspiration.
Yes, I came hither to converse confidentially with General Monk, and ask him for an answer regarding certain interests; yes, the general being, doubtless, unable to pronounce before the expected battle, begged me to remain a week in the house I inhabit, promising me that in a week I should see him again.
Things will have cleared up, I dare say, by next week.
If he will have nothing to say to us within a week or so of his departure, we shall know what to think.
If he were the son of the Emperor himself, no one could do more for him than you people have been doing these last few weeks.
For the week ending July 23 the Mortgage Bankers Association's index that measures home loan applications rose 3.
Notification: on the day of audition or within 2 weeks after receiving video.