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atomic wedgie

n. an instance of pulling someone’s underpants up very tightly—from the rear—so that the cloth is pulled between the victim’s buttocks; a severe wedgie or melvin. I’m going to sneak up behind Bob and give him an atomic wedgie.
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and wedgie
n. a situation where one’s underpants are drawn up tightly between the buttocks; a melvin. Willy skipped up behind Greg and gave him a wedgy.


See wedgy
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Just in time for the warmer weather, the new Wedgie fit will be available with shorts for spring 2016.
Now, some of the investigating officers couldn't comprehend how getting a wedgie from a long-time friend justified shooting him twice, perforating an arm and a leg.
When asked by Koch of Rafa's grundy creep persona, Armytage had to swoop in and explain further that the grundy look was referring to a wedgie.
The company also announced that it will soon resume delivering its Farrgin Wedgie product to customers.
Amongst the thousands sifted through, there'll be golden oldies including The Tortoise Dancing With A Toothbrush, The Incomparable Urinal Fail and Geordie Pants Man, plus clips destined to become classics such as The Cheeseburger Fight and The Ultimate Wedgie.
Other prizes handed out by league chairman Paul Millington and referee Nick Davis included team awards to Oak FC's Adil Glia, Saar Eagles' James McCrystals, British Club's Ian Butcher, St Christopher's Richard Dixon-Clarke, Wee Monty's Scot Lee, Arabian Celts' Mark Dorrian, Bayer Never Leusen's Pete Foley and the Dilmun Club's Wedgie Guire.
For the ultimate crime of missing a crucial kick in a World Cup or European Championship tie, the Hanging Wedgie could be used - a procedure where the victim is hoisted by his waistband of his underwear and suspended from a great height (ie the cross bar).
It's like a regular wedgie, where somebody reaches down the back of your pants, grabs your shorts and yanks "em upward, except that with an atomic wedgie, they yank "em up so high and hard they flip the elastic waistband over your forehead.
We were so used: We were the wedgie, the butt-thong between the cheek of church and the cheek of state.
Later, Akins and the second boy appeared to be goofing around on the bus and trying to give each other a wedgie, the witness said.
But sometimes it would backfire, and he would punch me, give me a wedgie, or stuff me in a locker.
FLW, Americas is also responsible for additional business diversification initiatives including a pioneering wireless channel, Atomic Wedgie, delivering original made-for-mobile video content on demand.
A children's book, the book's language, including words such as pee-pee, poopy, wedgie and Dr.
A FORMER US Marine has been charged with murdering his stepdad by giving him a wedgie.
She wasn't doing anything, threatening me with a wedgie or a Chinese burn, I just couldn't shake off the panic.