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drive a wedge between (someone or something)

To cause discord between two people or things. I used to be close friends with Tiffany, but once she started dating my ex-boyfriend, it really drove a wedge between us.
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the thin end of the wedge

The inconspicuous beginning or initial stage of something that will be unfavorable, cause problems, or bring decline. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. This law is the thin edge of the wedge. If it's passed, you can expect more extreme legislation to follow.
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drive a wedge between

someone and someone else Fig. to cause people to oppose one another or turn against one another. The argument drove a wedge between Mike and his father.
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wedge someone or something (in) between people or things

to work someone or something into a tiny space between people or things. The usher wedged us in between two enormously fat people, and we were all very uncomfortable. They wedged in the package between Jane and the wall. We had to wedge Timmy between Jed and the side of the car.
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thin edge of the wedge

A minor change that begins a major development, especially an undesirable one. For example, First they asked me to postpone my vacation for a week, and then for a month; it's the thin edge of the wedge and pretty soon it'll be a year . This term alludes to the narrow wedge inserted into a log for splitting wood. [Mid-1800s]
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drive a wedge between someone and someone

COMMON If someone or something drives a wedge between people who are close, they cause bad feelings between them and this causes the relationship to fail. This was all part of his plan to separate me from my daughter and drive a wedge between us. His aim was to destabilize the country by driving a wedge between the people and their government.
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the thin end of the wedge

The thin end of the wedge is the beginning of something bad which seems harmless or unimportant at present but is likely to become much worse in the future. I think it's the thin end of the wedge when you have armed police permanently on patrol round a city. This decision could prove to be the thin end of the wedge towards making the 1.68 inch ball the legal ball the world over.
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the thin end of the wedge

an action or procedure of little importance in itself, but which is likely to lead to more serious developments. informal
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drive a wedge between A and B

make two people become less friendly or loving towards each other: The disagreements over money finally drove a wedge between them, and they ended up getting divorced.
A wedge is a piece of wood, metal, etc. with one thick end and one thin pointed end that you use to keep two things apart or to split wood or rock.
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the thin ˌend of the ˈwedge

(especially British English) used for saying that you fear that one small request, order, action, etc. is only the beginning of something larger and more serious or harmful: The government says it only wants to privatize one or two railway lines, but I think it’s the thin end of the wedge. They’ll all be privatized soon.
A wedge is a piece of wood, metal, etc. with one thick end and one thin pointed end that you use to keep two things apart or to split wood or rock.
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wedge in

To lodge or jam something or someone in some location: I accidently wedged my hat in the flue. The box was wedged in the crawl space.
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