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wedded to (something)

Invested in or committed to something. I hope she's not wedded to the idea of going to that restaurant for her birthday—it's just too far away.
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wedded to something

Fig. mentally attached to something; firmly committed to something. (Fig. on wed(ded) to someone.) The manager was wedded to the idea of getting new computers. The mayor was wedded to the new budget plan.
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References in classic literature ?
No wonder that, not-withstanding his desire to get on, he could not help pausing to look at a curious large beech which he had seen standing before him at a turning in the road, and convince himself that it was not two trees wedded together, but only one.
Monsieur, if a wife's nature loathes that of the man she is wedded to, marriage must be slavery.
Did you not from your a far country carry off a lovely woman wedded among a people of warriors--to bring sorrow upon your father, your city, and your whole country, but joy to your enemies, and hang-dog shamefacedness to yourself?
Then the wedded pair walked back through two lines of joyous relations who did not belong to them, and whose only interest in their marriage was the delay caused to their own wedding by this gloomy bridal.
Then, if her father be the man that I take him to be, I will undertake that he shall give you both his blessing as wedded man and wife, in the place of old Sir Stephen, and upon his wedding morn.
Then seeing that there was no help for it, and that he must either be wedded or hanged, Havelok consented to marry Goldboru.
He drained the glass suddenly and collapsed in his chair, blinking his eyes across at the wedded couple while tears trickled unheeded down his cheeks.
The single gentleman started back, and gazed upon the face of the late Mrs Jarley (that morning wedded to the philosophic George, to the eternal wrath and despair of Mr Slum the poet), with looks of conflicting apprehension, disappointment, and incredulity.