wed to

wed someone to someone

to marry someone to someone else. Her parents wedded her to a young prince when she was only twelve. They cannot wed her to anyone if she has already married someone of her own choosing.

wed someone to something

Fig. to join someone firmly to a concept. (Fig. on wed someone to someone.) Don't try to wed me to your way of doing things. I have my own way. Don't wed yourself to that idea.

wed(ded) to someone

married to someone. The couple will have been wed to each other for fifty years next June. Anne is wed to one of my cousins.

wed to

1. To join someone to someone else in matrimony: The chaplain wedded the bride to the groom.
2. To cause someone to adhere devotedly or stubbornly to something. Used chiefly in the passive: The group was wedded to the idea of building a new school.