weave (one's) magic

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weave (one's) magic

To use one's unique talents or charm to obtain a desired thing or outcome. I never thought the boss would approve our business trip, but Sam wove her magic, and now, we're off to Denver! Whenever I can't get my car running, I have my dad come over and weave his magic on the engine.
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weave your ˈmagic


weave a ˈspell (over somebody)

(especially British English) perform or behave in a way that attracts and interests somebody very much or makes them react in a particular way: Will Owen be able to weave his magic against Spain on Wednesday?
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WEAVING MAGIC: Kummam al-Maadeed with her latest work Calling Magic.
Weaving magic Kathryn's tartan produced after she learned of threatened species' plight 281217WAEVER_01
BA: Seeing our clients or the users happy and enjoying their spaces, being proud of what we have created for them-like weaving magic. It validates all the grueling hard work for the people in our team too, and it reinforces the discipline of keeping our design instincts sharp.
Patrick Roberts 9 Made the difference, weaving magic with a goal and three assists.
Join in the journey as we meet Hekate, Queen of Sorcery, in the realms of Dream and Enchantment, weaving magic through the worlds both seen and unseen.
The other is a Hollywood director with an unparalleled reputation for weaving magic through the big screen.
Fans cannot wait to watch SRK-Deepika weaving magic once again on the screen after the success of "Chennai Express." The film is also speculated to put Abshishek Bachhan back on the map, who due to a string of flops has lost his footing in the industry.
If Jane Austen had ever thought of weaving magic into her books, they would be like this: witty, reeking with class and society politics, intrigue and a liberal casting of spells.
* WARWICK's poet laureate Dinah Smith will be weaving magic in free storytelling sessions for all the family at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum on Saturday April 28 from 2-4pm.
Jaroslav Tuma is an extremely versatile musician, one with the rare gift of weaving magic from any keyboard instrument he lays his hands on.
There was also be a programme of Christmas street theatre where a pair of joy-riding reindeers cruised the streets weaving magic and playing festive tunes.
Rais Ansari, the poet who masters the art of weaving magic to mushairas with his nizamat (compering) mentioned that each poet present on the show is a celebrity of his genre and a platform where many such poets and writers get together becomes historical.
While Keith Harris seems confident in securing a buyer for Newcastle, the silence regarding Everton's future ownership is deafening and, as it stands, manager David Moyes will once again presumably have to continue weaving magic with the squad of players currently available to him.
She has a talent for weaving, and is trained in its intricacies, not yet realizing that her weaving magic can decide whether someone lives or dies.