weave (one's) magic

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weave (one's) magic

To use one's unique talents or charm to obtain a desired thing or outcome. I never thought the boss would approve our business trip, but Sam wove her magic, and now, we're off to Denver! Whenever I can't get my car running, I have my dad come over and weave his magic on the engine.
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weave your ˈmagic


weave a ˈspell (over somebody)

(especially British English) perform or behave in a way that attracts and interests somebody very much or makes them react in a particular way: Will Owen be able to weave his magic against Spain on Wednesday?
See also: magic, weave
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Gok Wan (above) weaves his magic in a bid to help a nurse whose 'fat and frumpy' body shape makes her feel like a man and is stopping her marrying her partner.
The brilliant Leonidas weaves his magic in the Final
Canterbury Crusaders scrum-half Justin Marshall weaves his magic against the Wellington Hurricanes in the semi-finals
Davies weaves his magic and gives the former Doctor Who sidekick Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen, above) her own proper series.