weave (one's) magic

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weave (one's) magic

To use one's unique talents or charm to obtain a desired thing or outcome. I never thought the boss would approve our business trip, but Sam wove her magic, and now, we're off to Denver! Whenever I can't get my car running, I have my dad come over and weave his magic on the engine.
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weave your ˈmagic


weave a ˈspell (over somebody)

(especially British English) perform or behave in a way that attracts and interests somebody very much or makes them react in a particular way: Will Owen be able to weave his magic against Spain on Wednesday?
See also: magic, weave
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In Sindh, of course, the Bhutto name still can and does weave magic. The vote bank is growing but the party continues to be synonymous with misgovernance and corruption, and optimists hope Bilawal's presence at the helm and Zardari's removal will change all this overnight.
Her speculative short stories explore the fabric of dreams and have appeared in anthologies and magazines, while her novels weave magic into what it means to be human.
In a short time, she has shown acting prowess and, with her flair, will weave magic in the coming serial.
"To the man who made me realize that it's possible to weave magic out of words.
We went back in time, and listed few actresses in Kerala who could weave magic with their eyes.
It's clear why Hoffman is a favorite for fantasy readers: She creates interesting mythologies; she's able to weave magic into the modern world; and she alludes to the magical properties of herbs and everyday items without over-explaining them and overcomplicating her narratives.
Jedi Master 4.10 Sandown 1pt win Moore can weave magic on Shabbah VVRYAN Moore's return is a positive for Shabbah 3.35 Sandown Moore has two wins from three rides on Sir Michael Stoute's gelding and the pair teamed up for an impressive victory in a course-and-distance handicap in June last year, the final leg of a hat-trick for the selection.
Tala, meanwhile, is both happy in her marriage and consumed by building a world around it that is both unlike, and connected to, her world before: where her sisters can once more help to weave magic into the universe; where flight is possible; where all stories are interconnected.
Only Cone can weave magic the way he does, and you can admire him much more as he attributes all of his successes to the guys who do all the playing on the floor.
While there is no doubt that spinners will once again dictate the outcome of the first Test of the three- match series, it will be too dangerous a ploy on Kohli's part to bank on spin alone to weave magic over the visitors.
Head out to Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra to watch them weave magic through traditional embroidery and mirror work.
The DSF continues to weave magic and brighten up the lives of residents and visitors in Dubai.
David Cameron sat alongside Amir Khan to watch first Team GB's Nicola Adams, and then Taylor, weave magic in the ring.
"A gifted person who could weave magic with a pair of scissors, making people feel special.
Warne, the second highest wicket-taker in tests, still managed to weave magic with his leg spin and picked up two wickets for 21 in his four overs.