weather permitting

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(something) permitting

So long as the specific thing does not prevent or interfere with some activity or task mentioned elsewhere. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. Time permitting, the presentation will also go over useful and nonintrusive ways to encourage client spending.
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weather permitting

So long as the weather is good enough so as not to cancel, delay, or interfere with what is planned. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. The latest update they gave us is that, weather permitting, we should arrive at the airport around 9 PM.
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weather permitting

Fig. if the weather allows it. Weather permitting, we will be there on time. The plane lands at midnight, weather permitting.
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— permitting

if the specified thing does not prevent you from doing something.
1997 Classic Boat Time and weather permitting rudderless sailing is also taught, along with spinnaker and trapezing.
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Weather permitting, beginning the week of May 1, the first segments to be improved downtown as part of this years paving schedule includes:
Lorane Highway (Washington Street to Paige Avenue): Full Depth Reclamation will begin this week, weather permitting.
Mark Higson, managing director of Royal Mail, said: "We are planning up to a total of 14,000 additional delivery rounds on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, weather permitting.
Crescent Avenue, between North Game Farm Road and Shadow View: Striping and other work are scheduled this week, weather permitting.
THE operation to lift the sunken nuclear submarine Kursk from the sea floor was set to go ahead today - weather permitting.
Irish trainer Tony Martin is planning to run Davids Lad twice in the next two days in Britain, weather permitting.
Road construction scheduled for this week, weather permitting.
The first extends 15 kilometres from north of Mariana Lake to north of Algar Tower and is expected to be complete by fall 2013, weather permitting.
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