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Yet I think it is only to us in cities that all weather is so unwelcome.
Weather in towns is like a skylark in a counting-house--out of place and in the way.
The weather is a thing that is beyond me altogether.
It tried its best, but the instrument was built so that it couldn't prophesy fine weather any harder than it did without breaking itself.
"Running to get behind the weather! Do you understand that, Mr.
'Went around to dodge the bad weather,' I would say.
Going in dismal weather, to return probably in worse;four horses and four servants taken out for nothing but to convey five idle, shivering creatures into colder rooms and worse company than they might have had at home."
One is so fenced and guarded from the weather, that not a breath of air can find its way unpermitted.
I have my alarms, but they are quite in a different quarter; and if I could have altered the weather, you would have had a good sharp east wind blowing on you the whole time--for here are some of my plants which Robert will leave out because the nights are so mild, and I know the end of it will be, that we shall have a sudden change of weather, a hard frost setting in all at once, taking everybody (at least Robert) by surprise, and I shall lose every one; and what is worse, cook has just been telling me that the turkey, which I particularly wished not to be dressed till Sunday, because I know how much more Dr.
Towards evening, the weather turned hazy, with a drizzling rain; and soon became so thick, that we sailed, as it were, in a cloud.
"Horizontal weather," said the Professor, and made straight for the door, very nearly trampling on Bruno, who had only just time to get out of his way.
Passepartout was enraged beyond expression by the unpropitious weather. Everything had gone so well till now!
He always began by shoving me into a chair before I had time to open my mouth, gave me cordially a large cigar, and in excellent English would start to talk everlastingly about the phenomenal severity of the weather. It was impossible to threaten a man who, though he possessed the language perfectly, seemed incapable of understanding any phrase pronounced in a tone of remonstrance or discontent.
The weather has not latterly been at all favorable.
The mud was impassable along the roads; two mills were carried away, and the weather got worse and worse.