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you weasel

You sneaky person. You weasel! I can't believe you stole the song I was going to do for the audition!
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catch a weasel asleep

To surprise someone who is normally alert, shrewd, or on-guard. Primarily heard in US. You want to try to steal your transcript from the principal's office? You never catch a weasel asleep—and especially not that one!
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weasel words

Language employed to avoid directly stating a position or answering a question, or to enhance the appearance of something. Wikipedia discourages the use of weasel words in its encyclopedia entries to decrease the possibility of bias. If you read the transcript of his press conference, you'll see that there's barely any substances—it's nearly all weasel words.
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weasel out (of something)

1. To squeeze out of a narrow space; to slink out (of something). It's a bit tight, but I think I can weasel out of this part of the cave. Stevie got stuck in the tunnel at the playground, but he was eventually able to weasel out.
2. To avoid a situation or responsibility through sly or devious means. Oh no, you're not weaseling out of doing the dishes this time. You can help Grandma later.
3. To elicit something from someone through sly or devious means. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "weasel" and "out." The reporter was known for being able to weasel information out of just about anyone she spoke to. I tried to refuse but eventually they weaseled a donation out of me.
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weasel out

 (of something)
1. Fig. to squeeze one's way out of something. Somehow, the child managed to weasel out of the hole she was stuck in. The mouse tried to weasel out.
2. Fig. to evade or avoid a job or responsibility. (Fig. on {2}.) Don't try to weasel out of your responsibility! You can't weasel out! You have to do it.
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weasel out

Back out of a situation or commitment, especially in a sneaky way. For example, I'd love to weasel out of serving on the board. This expression alludes to the stealthy hunting and nesting habits of the weasel, a small, slender-bodied predator. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
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weasel word

A word used to deprive a statement of its force or evade a direct commitment, as in Calling it "organized spontaneity" is using a weasel word; "organized" has sucked the meaning out of "spontaneity." This idiom may allude to the weasel's habit of sucking the contents out of a bird's egg, so that only the shell remains. [Late 1800s]
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weasel out

v. Slang
1. To back out of some situation or commitment in a selfish or sly manner: The party was boring—you were smart to weasel out early. My cousins weaseled out of contributing to the gift.
2. weasel out of To elicit something from someone by artful or devious means: At first, they wouldn't admit that they were to blame, but I weaseled the truth out of them.
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1. n. a sneaky person. If Fred weren’t such a weasel, we could get along better.
2. n. an earnest student. (Collegiate.) Martin is your classic weasel.

weasel out of something

in. to get out of doing something; to wiggle out of a responsibility. I know how to weasel out of something like that. You get a headache.
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A mild word of caution: to put this Wild Weasel story in its larger context, Hampton devotes large chunks of his book to the history of the Vietnam war, including a fair amount of what happened in the ground war, primarily in South Vietnam.
Just as with the weasels, he was asking for specimens for his research.
The Mustelidae (weasel family) is quite large, consisting of not only weasels but minks, ferrets, martens, badgers and otters.
understanding whether such acoustic simplification is predator-mediated will require future studies that investigate the importance of Scotinomys in the diet of neotropical weasels, assess their response to vocalizations of mice via playback-experiments, and quantify the sensitivity of their hearing.
If I had tried to sneak up on it the weasel would have seen me as a threat so I tried to put it at its ease because it would know where I was.
As far as we know, this is the northernmost studied population of least weasels in Eurasia, although their distribution has been reported to extend up to 76[degrees] N on Taimyr (IUCN, 2011).
In fairness, the use of these weasel words perhaps has become so second nature to those commenting on constitutional issues that those journalists and pundits who use them may be doing so subconsciously and not purposefully as a weapon of mass deception.
Where they are found together, as in most of Britain, the two species seem to tolerate each other, with weasels avoiding the larger stoats.
In his appeal to the England players, Barnes said: "If they seek precedent, they can always look to the Australia cricket team, the weasels of international sport: one hint of a murmur of a rumour of a firework going off in any city on the subcontinent and the Australian plane is making a mad U-turn and heading back to God's Own.
Surveys have also been used by agencies and researchers to determine the distributions of long-tailed weasels and other species (Proulx and Drescher, 1993; Groves, 1988).
All we knew is that the Wild Weasels were off to a bad start.
The other 12 are clearly spineless weasels - and these are the ``leaders'' of this city?
This is the original story that includes all of Pinocchio's travels including getting ambushed by vile assassins, strung up in a tree, drowned in the sea, nursed back to health by a beautiful blue-haired fairy, slaying a large serpent through laughter, chained up as a dog to catch thieving weasels, arrested for fighting with classmates, almost eaten by a ravenous fisherman, saving a great mastiff and being saved by the mastiff in return, morphing into a performing donkey, flying on the back of a pigeon, getting swallowed by a gigantic shark, saving Geppetto's life, and so much more that most readers will be completely unaware of if the only contact they've had with this sophisticated story is the Disney movie and the abbreviated children's picture book versions.
I also asked everyone to become a weasel, but that's another story for another time (some crazy thing about eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
Flying modified F-100 Super Sabres, the first Wild Weasels launched against North Vietnam targets on Thanksgiving 1965.