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There is no rest for the weary.

Prov. Even people who are worn-out must continue to work. (Describes a situation in which a tired person has to do more work.) By the time I finished doing the laundry, it was so late I had to begin cooking supper for the family. There is no rest for the weary.
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weary of someone or something

to become tired of or bored with someone or something. I am beginning to weary of you. Isn't it time you were going? We soon wearied of chicken twice a week.
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weary someone with something

to tire or bore someone with something. He wearied her with his constant requests. Please don't weary me with your complaints.
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weary of

To lose patience with or interest in something or someone: I soon wearied of their constant bickering.
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References in classic literature ?
Crooks, with five others, turned their steps up it; retracing by land the weary course they had made by water, intending, should they not find relief nearer at hand, to keep on until they should reach Henry's Fort, where they hoped to find the horses they had left there, and to return with them to the main body.
Hunt now set to work with all diligence, to prepare caches, in which to deposit the baggage and merchandise, of which it would be necessary to disburden themselves, preparatory to their weary march by land: and here we shall give a brief description of those contrivances, so noted in the wilderness.
The floor was already strewn with weary sleepers, and the foul air of the place almost repelled him; but the heavy night-dews were chill, and his limbs weary, and, wrapping about him a tattered blanket, which formed his only bed-clothing, he stretched himself in the straw and fell asleep.
I thought, walking dizzy and weary in sunshine on the hard paths of white men I thought, She is there--with us
In daylight she moved with a swaying walk before me upon the weary paths; her figure was straight and flexible like the stem of a slender tree; the heels of her feet were round and polished like shells of eggs; with her round arm she made signs.
The consoler of sleepless nights, of weary days; the companion of troubled years
Lay down, thou weary one lay down thy head upon my breast.
Taking to twitter, Omar saying "PM Modi's words for Kashmir have been very well received by people here but everyone here is weary of yet more talk and no concrete action.
In "Joy Fixes for Weary Parents: 101 Quick, Research-Based Ideas for Overcoming Stress and Building a Life You Love", Erin Leyba (an individual and marriage counselor, specializes in helping parents of young children) draws her own years of experience and expertise, as well as the latest research about child development, attachment, successful marriages, and mindfulness to create effective, doable solutions for balancing, simplifying, and communicating.
Joanna Makowska and Daniel Weary from the University of British Columbia, Canada, were awarded the 2016 3Rs prize by the UK's National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs), sponsored by GlaxoSmithECline (GSK), for their work assessing the importance of simple and natural behaviors such as burrowing and standing upright (rearing) to rat welfare.
People are weary after years of hard work to rebuild the economy but we have to live within our means.
Unfortunately, Jake Weary, who plays Deran, wasn't able to attend the working engagement and instead answered a couple of fan questions via social media.
Global Banking News-September 25, 2015--South African banks weary of compliance costs
Before his girl can utter a response, Weary leaps from the auditorium's colored balcony and runs on stage to defend his friend.
As the mother of three, she invariably arrives at the pool tired, and a little weary.