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First of all, wearing helmet helps reduce traffic accidents.
The Palace official was also seen wearing an eye-catching gold pink ring with a black flat stone in the center during his tete-a-tete with the President in September.
Some even say that Jan Achakzai did not clarify whether JUI-F had no objection to girls wearing jeans under the shuttle-cock burka or the two-piece black burka or to even girls wearing jeans and roaming around in public without any kind of burka.
He said he could find no rules that enforced the wearing of wigs and Commons Speaker Michael Martin did not wear one himself.
She came over to the car, wearing a bright blue dress and matching hijab, and my parents got out to meet her: my father, bearded and wearing suspenders, and my mother, head covered with a gray scarf.
On August 12, Raed Jarrar, who works for Global Exchange in Washington, D.C., was wearing that T-shirt as he was trying to board a JetBlue flight from JFK to California.
It seems even the Queen's not lucky enough to have a limitless wardrobe - she's been spotted wearing the same outfit in Estonia that she wore to the opening of the Assembly's new Senedd building.
Whereas, if you're wearing loose apparel, moisture is not as readily trapped and can drip out.
Just don't copy Jodie Marsh's belt style - wearing one as an entire outfit.
Try wearing a humongous T-shirt with some little-ass jeans.
Over the years, applications have emerged that have caused the rapid wearing of specific components of the mixer.
Maybe it has sentimental value, or maybe you just like wearing it because it's comfortable.