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She began wearing a gray scarf during our time with the plain-dressed Friends community and had not felt released from wearing it, even after she began worshiping with a Charismatic congregation.
After some initial grumbling, most motorists got used to buckling up and are now unlikely to put up much resistance as states move toward primary enforcement, allowing police to pull people over for not wearing seat belts (as opposed to issuing citations after stopping them for other reasons).
Wear metal is designed to be expendable, so you don't want to let things get in such a condition that you're wearing into your rotor," he says.
Thus, by wearing the gray Georgetown tee, Mars suggestively links himself to college stars like Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning, but also to a quiet sense of black pride.
I've had so much luck with my Freeds that I've been wearing the same pointe shoes for ten years dancing professionally.
Internal clearance between the hammers and the wearing castings.
Wearing and her gay friend Ian, with Canadian passport and fake marriage license in hand, traveled Iran for five months in 1995, almost 20 years after the Shah's departure and six years after the death of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
Hoping, of course, that when they went, they were wearing their old clothes, the community would naturally pass on the glad rags to the next guy.
Income tax returns are best prepared while wearing sneakers.
But after years of wearing relaxed clothes, making the fashion transition from college sweats to career suits may take some getting used to.
In contrast, Mahatma Gandhi popularized the dress of the villagers and Indian peasants by wearing a khadi and pajamas.
Also, lack of proper protection of pins and bushings during die coating starts the galling and wearing immediately.
The stigma associated with the wearing of hearing aids may preclude the necessary commitment of clients to wear their hearing aids.