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There is no rest for the weary.

Prov. Even people who are worn-out must continue to work. (Describes a situation in which a tired person has to do more work.) By the time I finished doing the laundry, it was so late I had to begin cooking supper for the family. There is no rest for the weary.
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weary of someone or something

to become tired of or bored with someone or something. I am beginning to weary of you. Isn't it time you were going? We soon wearied of chicken twice a week.
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weary someone with something

to tire or bore someone with something. He wearied her with his constant requests. Please don't weary me with your complaints.
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weary of

To lose patience with or interest in something or someone: I soon wearied of their constant bickering.
See also: of, weary
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It depicts the couple clinging together, getting wearier and wearier, surrounded by sharks, until they are finally dragged beneath the waves.
For Svoboda, the novel's final sentence evolves from a "petulant and aggrieved" statement to "a wearier, yet more peaceful" one to "an even more appropriate expression of lake's realistic, weary, yet essentially healthy accommodation to the realities of his relationship with Brett" (95).
Those in the gangs who still hired themselves after hours would have been wearier and more disgruntled than they had once been.
As day turned to night, lawmakers grew wearier and more frazzled in their effort to close down a session that began in January.
Rummy looks a little older and wearier now, and he may be running out his string.
Three rests this day, including a short stop at the beautiful Stag Inn at Low Crosby, with its twittering aviary, and one final hilarious incident before we arrive, much wearier than yesterday.
Americans are wearier after their vacations than before them, a Gallup poll revealed.
Whether they're wiser or just wearier, the women on our panel didn't share that unbounded optimism.
Now we're leaving that sleek, idealized, conflict-free yupsterland and doing the Casblanca thing, smarter, scruffier, older, and a little wearier (not that there's anything wrong with that -- at least to the extent that a cup of coffee couldn't fix it).
As I have grown older and wearier trying to help our nation to put our children first; as I have become more worried about my own and other people's children growing up in an America where moral and common sense and family and community values are disintegrating, I pray more and more.
Evening arrived with a fanfare of screeching car tyres, wearier now, doors opened with sighs of welcoming relief.
The manager would love to freshen up his starting XI by resting some of his wearier players but that's an option he simply hasn't got.
Weary' Bill Williamson was seen to grow even wearier when Lester was parachuted into Roberto's saddle before the 1972 Derby.
Thirty years on, the production is a bit cleaner, the voice a littler wearier but they definitely haven't lost their mojo.
Co-leader Chris Gaffney's death in April makes some of the wearier, more reflective songs on the group's last album extra moving.